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Thread: UI Scaling?

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    UI Scaling?

    I just picked up the game recently and it seems right up my alley but I have one pretty glaring issue. The UI is incredibly small and unreadable at larger resolutions. I see there are several updates planned for the game that have been recently announced. Is there any plan to add UI scaling? Looking forward to getting more into the game but right now I'm squinting to see everything.


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    Such a scaling would indeed be helpful. I had the same problem in the beginning.
    My workaround was to set the resolution to 1366 x 768 and this works fine for me. Maybe this can help you, too, until a scaling can be realized?

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    What resolution are you running?

    I've started work on UI scaling but it's a lot of artwork that needs to be resized and a lot of code that needs to be adjusted for a proper re-scaling.

    Can you give me an example of a similar game or games that do a good job of UI scaling? It always helps me to look at other games to see how they implement things like this.


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    I am sorry but I do not have any idea. My way in all games is to lower the resolution until I can read any texts without problem.

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    At higher res's the ui gets smaller and smaller.

    I play on a 30 inch screen with a native res of 2560 x 1600 but on xyson the ui is way to small to play at that res. so i play at 1920 x 1440 res, which is a windowed 4:3 aspect res.

    Now, games that have scaling UI's, one is World of Warcraft, it just has a slider that increases the ui scale on a global level.

    Star Wars : the old republic - has a really good totally customizable UI system, i wish more games were as good as that one, each frame can be resized individually, moved about etc.

    Both these games have a free to play option (wow upto level 20) so you can check these both out and it wont cost you a penny cept your time ofc
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    The ones Sark said and also FFXIV.

    There are many many many others.

    Those are ones that you can change the scale yourself. However, many also just scale automatically based on the resolution you are playing, as you go higher res you need also the UI to get bigger normally.

    So if you playing on a lower res (720P) now you would want say chat window only taking up like 1/5th of your screen.
    Playing at high res (2160P AKA 4K) you still want chat taking up 1/5th of your screen.

    What FFXIV, SWTOR, WOW etc allow is you to change the size of each window / UI as you see fit. So if were playing at 2160P and you didnt want chat to be 1/5th and were fine with it being 1/8th of your screen you could change it. Or the hotbar size etc.

    I'm not sure how new art is needed for this as you are just changing the image of whatever it is and making it bigger. I could do this in any graphics program and I know crap about it.

    These are the exact same images. Only 1 is 2x the size of the other. You have to click them to see them in the correct size.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1080p Play Peace.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2160p Play Peace.jpg 
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    So when you play at 2160p and the UI is still in 1080p or less (I think you build this for 720p) everything is super small. In 2160p case its 3x smaller than it normally would be to people playing in 720p. Then you couple that with people playing on a smaller screen but high res, it looks really really small.

    So example, if you built this to play at 720p (1280x720), on a 24in screen. That would be almost 3x smaller than someone playing at 2160p (3840x2160) on a 30in screen.

    Because the GUI stays at the same pixel resolution no matter what res you play at, it can cause problems. However, if you made it scale then it would work better.
    Of course the best would be options for the players to choose.

    I talked about this years ago and people were upset because I was out of the norm. Now more and more people are playing at higher res, like 1080p is the most common res right now, and for gaming its even higher.

    Here is a picture of the res and think Xsyon is built its GUI to be for people running at "HD", most people are using "FULL HD" and many gamers are at "WQHD" or "UHD-1".

    I play Xsyon on a 4K monitor but I play windowed at 2k, because I run more than 1 client and I can fit them better on my screen like that. I have 2 34in Ultra Wide monitors.
    If I were to play Xsyon at 4k, I need to use a magnifier tool to read chat right. Even with it being only 2k, its still hard to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    I'm not sure how new art is needed for this as you are just changing the image of whatever it is and making it bigger. I could do this in any graphics program and I know crap about it.
    Well, there are different options for scaling UI elements:

    1) Simply keeping the current art and scaling it. The more the bitmaps are scaled, the blurrier they become. This is easiest and may be acceptable but won't look great. It's possible other games do this but I will take a look at some of the games suggested and I'll be able to judge if they do this or one of the other options.

    2) Scaling the elements and having different size art for different scales. The bitmap scaling in this option would be done in Photoshop and requires at least one, maybe several sets of bitmaps for each interface element. The scaling in Photoshop isn't difficult but it does add extra work depending on how many different sets of bitmaps would make sense.

    3) Scaling and cleaning up bitmaps. Same as number 2 above, but cleaning up text and possibly some other elements. Depending on the bitmap even scaling in Photoshop can degrade the quality and appearance of the art. This option would look best at high resolutions but is the most time consuming option to implement.

    For now I've started setting up the code for option 1. It's still a lot of code to adjust as the original interface code wasn't set up to be flexible with scaling in mind.

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    To be honest the main UI issue is the font on text from scroll overs, the font/text in chat, and the chat window is a set size.

    The hotbar, inventory, skills window etc are not really a major issue.

    I also think getting the font to scale correctly is likely part of the harder problem.

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    I saw that last night Lady, How the text went past the chat box. Also when I was typing it did it again. Had to back space to see what I last said.

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