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    Thanks for the changes to the interface will allow me to use the same keystrokes I've used for years. Thanks for the changes.

    A tabbed crafting panel with each craft under different skills could be an improvement. A panel with the schemes for all crafts in one big list like DDT expects would be one jumbled mess for new characters and get worse as a character gets inspires.

    Under key binds, there are options for eat and drink. Tried to set up drink to a key, but could not get it to work. Guessing this is something for the future.

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    Few things I saw about the UI.

    Love the changes thank you.

    1)Pouches and Bins/Packs are still moving by not using the top bar. Can we fix this?

    2)The pack/bin slot on the bottom interface packs bar does not allow you to put a bin/pack there from a cart/container/building. You have to hit I to open inventory, then drag it to the pack/bin slot.

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    The Test Server is up with some interface changes:

    1) Packs, pouches and bins should be dragged only by the top bar now instead of the entire panel.

    2) You should be able to drag pouches and packs to the Packs Action Bar.

    Answers to Questions

    1) Yes, the 'eat' and 'drink' key binds are for future use. I intend to add eat and drink icons to the Skills action bar, after the Hunting icon. I plan to set an optional setting to turn these on and off for players that don't want them on. You'll be able to drag a food item and water skin item to these icons and assign hot keys to them.

    I think that's it!

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    Anything more we should test?

    Packs and pouches only moved by the top bar is working.

    You can drag pouches and packs to the packs actions bar.

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