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    Everything Old Is New Again

    Hitting up the Introductions page again ....... It been around 9 or 10 years now. Hi everyone, I'm John. and I was around here months or maybe even year(s) before this thing went live. I have always loved the idea of Xsyon that Jordi has. I was talking with my brother the other night about some of our favorite games of all time. And Xsyon came up for me, I'm sure I want know most, if not any one here now. But we had a lot of close friendships here. That also meant we had some knock down drag outs as well. I will be downloading the game in the next day or two, and hope to start meeting some of you in the forums and game.

    and now for my introduction ....

    Hi, I'm John and I like long walks on the beach, and poetry read to me under a star filled night

    hehe That's BS, I'm a gamer dude, Put me in front of a PC filled with games and John boy is a happy camper.

    See you all around.

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    Welcome back John! Always nice to see returning veterans.

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    Welcome back, get yourself some fish and tame a dog. =P

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