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    Farming Stuff

    Someone was asking about farming plants here is a list of them and what they do.

    Plant Name Primary Secondary Seasoning Flavor
    Carrot Energy Gain AGI/-spi - Savory
    Cattail - AGI/-cha Effect Duration Pungent
    Gooseberry - INT/-dex Consumption Rate Cool
    Mustard - PER/-int Reduce Penalties Astringent
    Onion Energy Gain PER/-cha - Bitter
    Potato Health Gain FOR/-spi - Sweet
    Rhubarb Energy Rate DEX/-per - Bitter
    Rice - STR/-per Consumption Rate Astringent
    Sego Lily - FOR/-int Effect Duration Pungent
    Spinach Health Rate STR/-cha - Sour
    Strawberry - AGI/-dex Increase Bonuses Cool
    Sunflower - INT/-spi Consumption Rate Astringent
    Sweet Potato Health Gain STR/-for - Sweet
    Turnip Health Rate FOR/-str - Sour

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great post, saves me a lot of time figuring them out again. Thank you

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