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    2) Creatures in combat on slopes should work better. If there are still issues I would need an exact location to check as it's dependent on the terrain.
    Another issue I found is that while mounted you can summon as many pets as you want without the other pets going back.

    Random Slope I checked and still having issues. Here you can see both the pet (Shadowbear) and the target (Mutant Squirrel) are not attacking each other at all.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As other people have noted there are not really any "baby" mutants.

    Is it possible to open the margin for mutants that can be tamed? Maybe like Adults or less?

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    The Test Server is up with a few changes:

    1) Summoning other pets while you are mounted should be blocked.

    2) Setting free your pet while you are mounted on it should be blocked.

    3) Migration (which runs once per game day) should teleport any creatures trapped on tribe land to their off tribe land home location. In some situations this may take more than one round of migration to occur. The goal is that players should no longer trap creatures and only keep creatures as proper pets. For players that want to create zoos with more visible pets, there will be a future patch with larger stables and more movement for visible stabled pets.

    4) Your active pet should log off and on with your player. Other players should see the pet appear and disappear along with your toon.

    Questions and Answers

    1) Regarding the lack of baby mutants: With trapped creatures being set free, breeding functions should work better. I will review and adjust breeding and mutation to make sure there are always some mutant baby creatures around.

    2) I will continue adjusting combat on slopes over the next few weeks. The issue is basically that creatures move within attack range but their height position is calculated at the end of a move (which is normal for ground collision). This can create situations where creatures are moved within range of each other, then moved slightly out of actual attack range by their height positioning. The current code adjusts for initial height differences but I have to keep tweaking and adjusting the function to make sure it works in all cases and is optimized for fast calculations.

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    Thanks Xsyon.

    I did notice on some pets they are extremely hard to level up their combat power because they die so easy and do almost no damage. Example is a Chicken (or mutant chicken).

    So you have to kill 100s of creatures with it, but they do almost no damage to kill stuff.

    My thought maybe to help this would be to change how the combat power levels up based on the tier of animal.

    Like bears/deer would take more creatures to level it up, but a chicken or hamster would take less.
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