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    Maybe when pet hotkeys come out this will be better. I imagine instances when you would want to leave combat and have the pet keep attacking.

    @MrDDT Yup, but I understand the frustration of run, key press, click, while trying to fight when you have seconds to react.. =D Just like trying to forage and having something attack from behind. You have to cancel action, run, turn, mouse select, click attack, hotkey combat, then you can fight.
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    When mounted and riding down a slope the mount will jump on steep parts that would cause the rider to jump if they weren't mounted. I suspect that they actually jump more often because they are moving quicker but I don't know this for sure.

    Wild animals chasing you down the slope never jump. There is a delay between when you and your mount land and when you start to run again. Wild animals just keep coming and can get in attacks while all this jump/stop/go happens.

    I was surprised when my mounts started to do as they don't in the wild. Is it possible to make it so mounted pets run down the side of slopes like their wild counterparts ie no jumping? Or is it possible to slow the wild animals down or make them jump too?

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting this so that when mounted we could go down steeper inclines than we can on foot but rather when mounted the incline we remains the same as on foot but the jump part is eliminated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    I would not like this to happen. This would cause issues with making the pet go into combat without the owner.

    He is making bind keys for pets more so that is likely to fix the issue.

    You can also click the pet to "stay" if you want it to stop attacking.

    You can also summon another pet. Or send it home. Sending it home insta removes the pet from combat. Then if you want it back, click summon again, it's insta back at your side.
    Once he puts in bindable keys to summon, and command your pets. This will not be a problem at all.
    The leaving combat when the player leaves was just a suggestion. I'm sure there are other ways to implement it. As long as hot keys have a configurable keybind then that would work. If it requires a mouse click (as the pet bar does now) then you still have to exit combat to free up the mouse to click the button.

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    Suggestion: We can eat and drink while riding, can we implement staying in motion instead of stopping? Currently the animation stays the same but come to a dead stop when I start to eat or drink.

    edit: because I actually check
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    While mounted animals seem to chase you much faster than they should.

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