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    09/01/2020- Feedback Request - Mounts & Pets

    Mounts are now live!

    Please post any current issues, questions or suggestions regarding mounts, pets and creatures in general here.

    There are a few suggestions and improvements currently on my list:

    1) Add key binds for pet actions.

    2) Allow backing up on mounts.

    3) Re-implement energy use for creatures including energy use for mounts.

    4) Adjust creatures combat leveling based on the creature type. (Mutants and bears would require more kills to reach legendary than chicken for example)

    5) Set up cooked food effects for pets.

    6) Reduce health regeneration for creatures in active combat.

    7) Adjust breeding to ensure enough baby mutants exist.

    8) Further improve distance checks for creatures fighting on slopes.

    If I missed anything or if there are any new suggestions, please post here.

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    2 things i have noticed since the pets patch. I see someone riding a bear and I can not click on the person or the bear as they will not say who is on it. Before I could click on the person and see there names. Also noticed when they run into water and come out they still have the water sound that is made

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    Non mutant pets are very large. The mounts are way to big.

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    I thought we were going to get bind keys for pet commands. Is this later?

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    I've updated the live servers with a few creature related changes:

    1) You should be able to select a player riding a mount easier.

    2) Crashes related to mounts in water fixed. (This may also have happened with just players in water)

    Questions / Answers

    1) Key binds for pet commands will be for another patch (after any minor issues with this patch are fixed).

    2) I will continue to work on scaling creatures and adjusting bounds.


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    Some babies are way to small, I experienced an issue where I thought I was getting attacked by an invisible animal, but after I died I saw something about the size of my characters big toe scurry away, a tiny black speck I wasn't fast enough to click on.

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    1) Confirmed you can select players on mounts now.

    2) This seems to be working fine for me.

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    Opening an Arch project while mounted (for example just to see what mats it needs) then closing it, or running away from it will cause an issue the next time you want to open that project, while mounted or not. Get a message saying its already opened, but its not. Changing zones doesn't fix it, I've needed to relog to open it again.

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    1) I need to finish scaling all creatures. (It's just a tedious task and I'm trying to wrap up the next 'suggestions patch' for public testing.

    2) I'll look into arch projects while mounted. It's not something I even tried to do. ;-)

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    While mounted pulling a cart, moving a bin around from that cart will cause it to double. Its more graphical than anything.

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