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    09/18/2020- Feedback Request - Suggestions Patch - Test Server

    The next patch, consisting of many suggested changes is ready for final testing on the Test Server. Most of these have been tested before but with recent changes these all need a final test session.

    01) Totem can be rotated (using the right click selection menu).
    02) Invite to tribe using right click drop down menu when selecting another player.
    03) Separate Town / Territory Name can be set through the Town Panel at your totem.
    04) Change Tribe Name from Town Panel.
    05) Y/N works at discard prompt / confirm prompts.
    06) Roof protects from rain all the way down.
    07) Permissions by rank.
    08) Gate Locks by rank.
    09) Display / tooltip for Female / Male only Armor.
    10) Min max arrows in crafting panel.
    11) Display Tribe Leader in Town Member Panel.
    12) Promote New Tribe Leader function from Town Panel.
    13) Plowed Land Decays over time and can revert to dirt or grass.
    14) Global Trade Displays Item Location as: Zone X Z.
    15) Text in Trade Totem columns center aligned.
    16) Forming parties from the Social Panel, Party tab.
    17) Party chat channel to talk to party members only. Type /p to enter the channel.
    18) Tribe actions available through Social Panel, Tribe tab.
    19) Invite to Party by name through the Social Panel.
    20) Invite to Tribe by name (from the Tribe and Social Panels)
    21) Invite to Tribe and Party using chat commands: /invite name for Party and /tinvite name for Tribe.
    22) Tribe ally chat channel. Type /a to enter the channel.
    23) Logout button (in Escape Panel).
    24) Show only Online Social members.

    If there are any issues with these please let me know. If not, this patch is ready to go.


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    Wow these are awesome. Thank you so much for your hard work.

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    Very excited to see most of these! Looks like a great list.

    I hopped on only for a short bit, but one thing I did notice was: The Zone X Z loc was working on the tribe Trade Totems, but on the Mist Trader it only displays zeros. Not sure if that was implimented, but thought I'd mention it.

    Hope to have more time to hop on and check out some more things on Test soon.

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    Just playing with the new update, and I have a question. What's the use of Town name vs Tribe name? My original thought was having one "tribe" with multiple "Towns" or outposts, but you cant obviously set two tribes to the same name, however you can set two towns to the same name. I would think this is backwards? Or is there a way to have one tribe with two towns?

    Also to confirm Jexa's comment above, the trade totem locations are working, Mist traders however are not.

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    So we discovered that we're not able to make a party of more than 2 ppl. If anyone invites a 3rd, the 3rd person gets a '[Character that invited them] is already in a party' message.

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    Since this patch, I'm unable to named Legendary animals because it will give and error when you click on "give name"

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