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    10/02/2020- Feedback Request - Recent Patches

    I am combining threads for any remaining feedback or issues with the recent patches, including Pets, Mounts and other recent improvements.

    The following minor fixes were just patched today:

    - Parties allow up to 5 members.
    - Issues with adding and removing Party members fixed.
    - Handles adjusted for many panels including craft, terraforming, town, quest and other panels.
    - Issues with creatures chasing players beyond their normal max speed fixed.
    - Mounted creatures donít jump when running down slopes.
    - Naming of legendary creatures fixed.
    - Container panels donít stay open when logging out and back in.

    If there are any issues with these, please post and let me know.

    I still have a few fixes and requests from the previous threads on my todo list:

    - Fix animation for taming while in water.
    - Fix any other animations for actions in water if needed.
    - Revise eating and drinking animations while mounted.
    - Implement key binds for creature actions.
    - Continued revision of creature scales.
    - Ensure that there are enough child mutant creatures.

    Comments on other issues that have been recently brought up:

    1) Architecture blueprints can't be scavenged.

    I ran tests on this and they can be found, but they are very rare. For example I was getting a blueprint in 1 out of 1000 tries. There are just a lot of items in the scavenging tables and the rare items, like blueprints are probably too rare. What I am thinking of is improving Mist Traders to carry more blueprints at lower prices rather than revising all the scavenging tables. (Although the scavenging tables probably could use some revision)

    2) What is the use of Tribe vs Town name?

    It was just a requested item as some people wanted a separate name for their area apart from their tribe.

    3) Mist Trader items don't show a location.

    All Mist Trader items are at the current totem (right?). I haven't looked into this, but if that's the case, I will remove the location display from Mist Traders.

    I think that's all. If there are any other issues, please let me know.


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    First, just wanted to say I appreciate all your hard work with these patches and fixes. Thank you.

    As to the Mist Trader....

    If I walk over to the regular Tribe Trade totem, and look at global sales; I see the location of the tribe that is selling the item I look for/want. It shows the zone # and the X Z coords. If I walk over to the Mist Trader, go to global sales, look for an item, it tells me the tribe that has it, but the location column just shows all zero's. If they happen to be a more active tribe that also has items on their trade totem I can compare and get the location from there, but if not, I can't tell where the tribe is that has the Mist Trader I want to visit. And there's a lot of tribes that I don't know the locations of. So, it would be nice if the Mist Trader global sales also showed the location in the same Zone# X Z coords format as the tribe trade totems.

    And as far as I know, no I cannot purchase Mist Trader items from other tribes at my own Mist Trader Totem. Tho tbh, not sure I've really looked at that to see if it's an option recently. Will check it out when the server's back up!

    Hopefully that makes sense....
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    A few comments after just logging in to check on my ticket issue;

    The downhill mount running is much better, Bins and pouches are now closed upon login. That was the extent of my testing tonight, so far it al looks good, thank you.

    I want to comment on the blueprint's. I agree 1/1000 is pretty rare, I would say too rare. I can understand they should be rare, but as it is we're relying way to much on other people in game having a copy they're willing to sell (and not wanting an arm and a leg for them). the Mist traders are a good last resort, but at the current price of them, many are way to expensive for newer players, and were very limited on building. With my dedicated scavenging toon for example, with the current loot tables I've pulled maybe 3 or 4 arch blueprints, and less than $2000 out of piles in a month of real playing. At that rate I would be lucky to have a full set of one building style in a few years time. A bump to either BP's or Dollars would go a long way to helping solve this issue.

    Another idea to avoid redoing the loot tables would be to increase the inspiration rate over say 90 skill. Its not really that hard to get to 90, I did it in about a day, and anyone whos really interested in building will hit that soon enough. It would be a bit of a reward for the serious builders, too, only really hampering the casual builders who just want something to be safe.

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    Just checked and no, you cannot buy the Mist Trader items from your own totem if they're located at another tribe's Trader.

    And yes, running down a hill while mounted now is much smoother and more fluid. I like it very much. I can enjoy exploring with my bear again without tiptoeing around on the mountainsides. Thank you!!

    I did come across one Legendary Shadow Doe but wasn't given the option to name her. So, couldn't test the naming bug. Will find some I know (hopefully) that are around tomorrow to test that it's fixed.

    Was also able to outrun the coyote that was hot on my tracks, tho that issue was a bit sporadic for me so will also test that some more tomorrow.
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    We tested the party feature today and it seems to be working properly now. Can invite more than 2, and get told the party is full if you try to invite a 6th. Anyone in the group can invite, party chat worked, etc. Looks good. Tho when one member of the group logs out, the whole party gets disbanded.

    Was finally able to find a legendary and named it without trouble. No error and no stuck panel.

    All containers are closed when I log back in, so hopefully no more lost items in phantom bags. I don't mind having to reopen bags, but do kinda wish the map stayed open. I forget often to open it til I need it and usually that need is....I'm dead and want to know where I was. Can't open it at that point. lol

    Far as I can tell, all the fixes seem to be good.

    Something I did want to mention about stables. I just found out they need to be on the ground. I learned this only after laying it out on a cantilever and floor, (trying to save myself some terraforming in the snow). It was appropriately yellow when supported properly, and then turned white/valid when I built the cantilever and floor, but when I went to build it I got the error 'Must be built on the ground level.'

    I don't necessarily like that requirement, but can understand it. However, if it's going to stay that way, the structure should be red if it isn't on the ground since it's not a valid placement. Thankfully I tried it with just the first before I went through and build my whole line of cantilevers for the stables as was my plan.

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