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    Starting out

    Hi everyone,

    Just got the game, and stuck on character select screen.

    I have no idea what stats or skills to pick, as I don't know what I will be doing in-game and don't want to screw my character this early on.

    What are good stats and skills to start out with?

    What are the first steps to the game when you get in-game?


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    You won't screw your character what ever you pick. Each character has several stats respecs and it is easy to go from 5 to 25 skill (difference in minimum and selected skills).

    My recommendation if you haven't played before is to select scavenging and tool craft as starting skills and beg for a few bins and pouches. Set the stats you thing you might use to between 60-80.

    Others will say select basketry so you can start making your own bins and set the hit point stats around 90 so you can do better in combat. IMHO, it is easy to get from 80 to 90 in your most used stats, and stats over 90 have diminishing returns.

    I would recommend selecting any place but Founder's Isle as a starting spot. It's a lag fest in an area infested with revenants.

    Once you get in the game, find a spot near water and go through the tutorial. Be sure to introduce yourself in chat. Old timers love to answer questions.

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    To survive well and and not die quick, pick armed and picks in combat, basketry and foraging, and as for stats max out strength and fortitude first then up charm and spirit as high as you can. This is to get you started.

    As to location try Eagle's Rest or Pawnee. Both are in a safe location to learn, and have friendly players that will help you with no requirements.

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    I highly suggest to put your stats to 90 in STR, AGI, FOR and SPI. This will make your life better.
    If you've already played many hours and don't want to reroll simply use one of your resets for your stats.

    Skills do not matter at all of what you start with. They level very fast to 25.

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