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    Does the event have a discount code for the game?

    Hi everybody,
    For now, I think there will be in-game events, but since I'm new, are there any discounts for gamers? Can you share about it?
    Thank you for your interest in my problem.

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    Welcome in the game

    All ingame content is free for the account(s) which you have bought. This also includes events like easter/christmas/etc events.

    From time to time there is a discount on the game itself where you can buy further accounts for a reduced price. These are announced where you currently see "play now" if you scroll up.

    And if you wonder why someone should buy more than one account: The game has a level of depth where it is much easier to play if you can have specialists. For example, I have a specialist for leathercraft, one for forestry+woodcutting, and so on.

    If you need help ingame, just ask in the chat window. Due to a huge number of timezones it might take some tries until someone answers. In general, players are very friendly.

    Wishing you a lot of fun!

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