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    I've restarted the Test Server with my latest build.

    1) Interface issues should be fixed. (I had to revise some inventory functions to accommodate bows and the functions still needed some fixing). If you encounter any lost inventory items still, let me know the exact circumstances.

    2) Arrows are craft-able. The scheme should appear in Weaponcraft. Arrows are now required for bows. They should get used up as you shoot. (Note: as they require feathers I will set up feathers to be easier to find).

    3) I've offset the camera (similar to Conan Exiles). We'll see how this feels for players. I may end up having a setting for this offset as players are currently used to having the camera centered on the character and the offset might feel strange. (Or the change might not be a big deal, we'll see).

    4) I fixed the problem with the 'Stables' tag showing everywhere. (There was a typo in a part of the code I optimized).

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    Arrow crafting appears to be working fine as does the arrow depletion upon use. I like the offset camera change as it makes aiming alot easier. The inventory is working again, I moved items around from various places and all is fine again. As are the names of external objects not having ": Stables" attached to them.
    I did notice that my carts (and another toons carts in a different tribe) are all listed as abandoned.
    Thanks for your prompt fixes, It's appreciated!

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    Did a brief test.

    Arrow crafting worked fine. Since they are quickly used up, you might consider increasing the number from a single craft from 5 to 10. Maybe add chicken feathers from hunting chickens.

    Really like the camera offset (OK, I"m the one that suggested it). I hardly noticed it when zoomed out, but it was easy to target a bow shot. It also made targeting bins on the ground much easier.

    Saw arrows on the ground briefly and could target them but could not pick them up. Is this intended or will there be a way to recover arrows?

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    please let us recover arrows..

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