The Test Server is up with Bows finally ready for public testing!

For testing only, you will have schemes for all bows automatically in your Weaponcraft craft menu. Once you equip a bow you can attack with either the right or left mouse button. Crosshairs during combat show what you are aiming at. Arrows are affected by gravity so you will have to aim high at distant targets.

PVP is enabled on the Test Server.

A few adjustments are still in the works:

- Final tweaking and optimizing of arrow collision with creatures / players.
- Bow and arrow variables (speed and damage). Feedback on these is welcome.
- Crafting of arrows that are depleted when shot. (This is currently just turned off for easier testing).
- Higher skill required for crafting most of the bows. Recipes for bows will also be learned through inspiration and found or bought schemes.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems. All feedback on this new feature is welcome!