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    06/03/2021 - Feedback Request - Craft Panel - Test Server

    The Test Server is up with a new version of the craft panel. To check this out simply click on the Craft icon (as usual). Instead of opening a secondary panel of icons, the main craft panel will open.

    Here are a few improvements with this craft panel.

    1) Select a craft from a list of icons on the left side of the panel, instead of opening a new panel for each craft.

    2) The skills (and your current skill values) used for a selected craft appear in the title bar.

    3) Available tools and materials for a selected item will display in the craft panel so that you don't have to dig through your packs.

    4) Once a scheme is filled, a description of the resulting crafted object will appear, including quality, duration and bonuses. This will allow you to gauge what tools and materials to use before crafting the object.

    I'm still testing and working on this panel. One thing I may add is the ability to draw tools and materials from an attached cart (and later possibly an attached building that would be set up as a crafting station).

    If you find any problems or would like to see additional features to this panel please post in this thread.

    Also, are any of you interested in keeping the old system in place? I could set up a options switch for players that want to continue using the current crafting panels although I personally prefer the new panel.


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    I love it. It feels very intuitive and you automatically know if you have the right tool on you. I like being able to read the long list of schematics but the window itself gets in the way if I have to move to fetch materials. Not sure if making it transparent or collapsible is an option or not.
    My biggest suggestion is move the unlearn button far away from the search bar. I almost had a disaster.

    *EDIT* Just noticed I can close and open window without losing any information put in, so I can live with that.
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    Looks perfekt..Nice... and new player can see what Stats needed for all the things..
    Then a simple Smelter where we can smelt all metal and create a different metal..

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    About the unlearn button, since there is a confirmation dialog, I think it's fine. I'll set up a transparent panel option later (I can have a setting for transparent / opaque backgrounds for all panels).

    So far nobody's reported any problems with this Crafting Panel. I'll check through it some more over the weekend then patch it publicly next week.


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    Ok. I brought it up because I naturally click the first button to the right when using a search bar.

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