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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    We're testing a revised Crafting Panel right now. If you get a chance, please take a look at it on the Test Server. I will be patching it to the main servers most likely next week.
    This updated UI looks really slick, i like being able to pick the tool to use from the interface, love it.

    The only thing Im really missing from other games is the mouse click shortcuts i have grown use to when moving items from one inventory to another.

    In most other games you can shift + click (yes i understand shift is split) to move the item from one container to another. that container might be the players inventory and the other might be something like a box/vault/chest/whatever.

    I would love to be able to <modifier+click> a object in a container and Accepting that doing so would merge quality levels have it go into a 2nd container
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    Another thing is when I choose the skills for a new character and I want them to use picks, I don't get the picks at the end but clubs. There must be something going wrong.

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    Hi Ineta,

    Please open a help ticket about the tree planting so I can get and check your location to see if what is blocking you.

    Thanks for all the other suggestions so far. This is the type of feedback I'm looking for. I will post soon on what I've been working on so far.


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    I would say it is everywhere i try to plant, in the north on King beach the same like in the South in zone 780 and 781, Stateline and Edgewood near the junk places. Wherever I am and see a place where trees could grow I try to plant. Some places work and some it is just that these notifications come up even when there is no tree far or near.
    I was able to plant some trees but not as many as I would loved to due to these restrictions
    And can we please have more than one pet? I don't want to give up my dog only to be able to tama an animal I could ride once my tamiong skills are high enough.
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    think it's connected with direction you are facing, when i get "too close to living tree" just turn a bit and can plant new one. Same if you are facing some construction, planned or finished.

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    One feature id really like to see is the ability to transfer ownership of structures from one person to another.

    It is always an issue building structures for members of a tribe because you need to set the permission for them. they dont really own the building unless they complete the build.

    That opens up the other issue which is they cant complete the build unless they have the architecture skill to build that building.

    Perhaps a build could be completed but not assigned to a person? Maybe a check box on the project menu that is automatically checked to say "take ownership".

    So that i can put a teepee down and then call some one over, complete it and then have them take ownership using some sort of menu

    or maybe a menu where i can select a friend and give them the targeted structure.

    or maybe let me drag a structure into a trade window some how?

    This would allow players that aren't architects to work with other players to get structures built on their property, then that player can move on

    With players that want something like a stable, it requires 20 skill in architecture to build which means that some players are effectively stuck with whatever they initially tame.

    Stuff like posts and walls that don't have permissions dont really matter but things with inventories or menus are an issue.
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    One issue i ran into with a new player joining was the resources menu was very confusing for them.

    She wanted to know how to cut down a tree, so i walked her though equipping the ax into the resources slot.

    One thing i realized is maybe the tool belt and back slots could simply act as an additional place on the client to look if there is a compatible tool to use for the action
    Click image for larger version. 

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    so if nothing equipped check right slots first then left slots.

    maybe even check the hands as well, then if a player wants to use a specific tool for the action they can still drop a tool into the box to override it.
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    What I would like to have in the community recipe lists what material and tools you need for crafting something and for an armour piece or weapon maybe what effects does that has

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ineta View Post
    What I would like to have in the community recipe lists what material and tools you need for crafting something and for an armour piece or weapon maybe what effects does that has
    I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean on the Wiki here on the web page?

    In the new crafting panel, currently on the test server, you can see what the final results for a crafted piece of armor or weapons etc. will be before you craft it. If you have the chance to take a look, let me know if that's more or less what you were looking for.


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    I've posted a new thread for feedback on changes currently on the test server here

    I'll continue making changes but I think what's currently on the test server is about ready to go.

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