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    06/03/2021 - Feedback Request - Interface and Action Revisions

    I'm going to be working on interface options and improvements this month.

    In general I'm going to try to simplify actions (such as gathering) and the interface and provide an alternate interface style more similar to other 'sandbox survival' games. I plan to make many of these changes controllable through settings in the Options Panel to accommodate players that want to continue using the current interface.

    Overall I hope to make the game experience easier and more welcoming for new players to get more new players past the basics and involved in tribe building and the more social aspects of the game.

    Are there any aspects of the game that you think should be easier for new players?

    For now, if you have any suggestions on what changes you'd like to see to the interface or basic actions, please post below. Examples or comparisons from other games are welcome. I won't be able to accommodate everyone's unique preferences but I am open to hearing from all of you, so all input is welcome right now.

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    Farming could use some UI help. Icons in the farming window to fert/water until full would help. Could even do something like the new crafting panel(which I'm going to check out as soon as I'm done typing) for planting instead of r clicking the seed in your pack.

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    Scavanging Junk Piles
    I would personally like to see this changed, to be more like when you stand under trees you have multiple options to pick up, current junk pile scavanging just put item directly in you backpack whether you want it or not, i would like this changed where you have a selection of items that you can then pick up what you actually want, eg hit scavenge 4 items show, you can then pick 1 of the 4 before you move on, this could change per level eg low scavenging 1 item shows, level 100 scav 4 items show or something similar, this could be applied to foraging also.

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    I made this notices some time ago, and didn't publish it, just forget. But I will publish it now. (I'm sorry I still didn't play in new version, some points could be obsolete)

    1. by clicking on the icon of an item in the craft menu - its recipe opens.
    1.1 Button "Back" in craft menu returns to the previously viewed recipe.
    2. When one crafting recipe list (profession) is opened and user clicks on other profession, the first list do not close and new list opens in new window.
    3. Opening the crafting section, automatically open the last viewed recipe from this category.
    4. The recipe list do not shift after craft complete.
    5. Automatically use a tool from inventory if only one tool of this type in inventory.
    6. Automatically use materials in the crafting recipe if they were used in the previous crafting.

    5. Positions of previously opened windows (containers, map etc) should be remembered even after relogging.
    5.1 Button "drop windows positions" in esc menu.
    6. SHIFT+RMB -> Items move from any worn inventory to the last opened external inventory. And wise versa from external inventory to an !opened! worn inventory. In case if all worn inventory is not opened items move to last opened external inventory (or any opened).

    7. When esc menu is opened the next esc press closes this menu.
    8. Confirmation button "yes" can be pressed by enter/numeric keypad enter, the "no" button -> esc.


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    when you wan't to drag cart you need tfirst to close their inventory to be able to. Make it so when you rclic on cart and select "use" they close automaticaly

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    Thanks for all the input so far. I will be implementing most of these suggestions.

    About scavenging - I have a similar idea for revising scavenging. We should be testing what I have in mind within the next two weeks.

    Robespier - We're testing a revised Crafting Panel right now. If you get a chance, please take a look at it on the Test Server. I will be patching it to the main servers most likely next week.

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    In the right crafting window above a Text (Example)
    and under screen
    YOU HAVE this TOOL and this RESOURCE
    then ist then absolutly clear to unterstand. Good job!

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    Another suggestion is add hotkeys to the other hotbars. Like the resource bar but for packs and pets etc.

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    I want to reforest when I cut a tree and it is too difficult. Too often I get the notice that there would be a living tree too close, there would already be a tree planted at that space or an object would be too near like a log. Even if there is far and wide no tree or object or obviously no tree planted. I think that in the past there might have been a tree but how can I plant a new tree when the game doesn't let me and still thinks there would be an existing tree but there is none?
    I have no experience yet with bows and arrows, but maybe you can change it that you don't need to make arrows.
    How can I make blades when there are only so few old blades in the junk piles? I haven't found any in the two weeks I am playing, are they so rare? And also the sawblades.

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    can you please make scrolling in windows work with mouse wheel when cursor is hovering window? Like skills , recipes..etc. It's a bit annoying to holding left mouse button and dragging scroll bar.

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