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    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post
    This is a start

    Needs a button (Fill all) to use all tools that are the lowest durability
    and all materials that are lowest quality for faster grinding.

    Tooltips for all bars (Need tooltips for all UI stuff)

    Queue resets after you inspire learn a recipe
    I disagree with this UI fill all button. Just set it up so you using the right tools, it's not hard. You have more than enough time between crafts and for sure before a tool wears out or a stack.

    Yeah Tool Tips help.

    Yeah not sure what's up the with inspire doing this again.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post

    A bit OP when it comes to hunting

    Feed button boxes of food stays around even if the feed icon is not there, have to target and open feed ui for any animal to close it

    Pets need viewable stats/ skills, they can be just like us for combat and gain skills by use.

    Pets should heal while next to a fire like you do

    Send home should send the active pet to the stables so you can tame again

    The number of pets you can have in the stables should raise with skill level
    Pets are super OP, I've been saying that for a while. I expect people to cry a lot if they get nerfed but what is the point of combat skills/armor if your pets do all the fighting?

    Not a fan of the pet skills grind. I think they are fine getting combat by ranks and thats good enough.

    I would like to see more healing options for pets.

    Send home does this if they have been stabled already.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post

    Arrows way to heavy

    Need to make 100 arrows at a time instead of 10
    Arrows are slightly to heavy, but you can always make them out in the field its not too hard.
    I think 10 is fine per craft. Unless you change other items to be much larger stacks/craft this makes no sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post

    The cycle needs speed up a little, it is hard to feed me and 1 other without making a huge field
    and a huge field is alot of work weeding and pest removal.
    Or a fully fertilized plant should take 1/2 the current time to grow to 100
    Totally disagree with the farming cycle, farming is super easy to get food, I don't know what a "huge field" is but once you get your farming up you get more than enough food. Plus you are not really limited in how large of a farm you can do.

    Fully fertilized and watered plant does take 1/2 the time to grow to 100%.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post

    The higher skill you are should net you more resources per pull
    IE: 100 resources skill should get 5 granite per gather instead of 1
    I agree, but just FYI, not sure if you know this, it already cuts the time down by 3x. Soo it's already pretty close to what you are saying.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post
    Died while out of stamina and breathing all funny, the animation and sound effect remained util after revive
    Sounds like a bug, I've not had it.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post

    Seems to be a memory leak, i run 2 accounts and after awhile when opening a UI it will crash the client.

    If i log out on one account, and i let it sit in the background for a bit, then log back in, the client will crash shortly after when using the UI
    Not having that issue here. I run 2 accounts for hours long long long times.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post

    It suffers from you being encumbered, but when riding a bear it shouldn't
    It already cuts the amount you pull greatly on how much stamina you use. I do not think this needs to be changed at all the balance is great.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcosper View Post

    Need a well so do not have to keep running to the water.

    Stamina drain from traveling on foot is pretty steep, if i go out on a taming run, and i bring 100 arrows 1 bow, and food to feed the animals i am over 50% encumbered with 90 strength

    Creatures should want to stay away from fires, not kill me then sit at my fire to rest and wait for me to respawn

    Targeting by keys, next nearest target, target attacker
    I would love to see a well option.
    Weight is pretty harsh, I agree things could be cut down, also you say you have 90 STR just think of the people that don't ouch!
    Creatures should want to shy away from fires.
    I would love to see some targeting options other than just clicking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    Send home does this if they have been stabled already.
    Thankyou, i can go after that bear 47474858596 miles away now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilson423 View Post
    Same and agree.

    Also noticed, when harvesting a animal the tiles no longer disappear. After skinning the option to skin is still there but says resource already gathered or something like that. Letting you know incase that wasn't intentional.
    Looks like this is issue only on standalone client. Just logged from steam and "butchering" tiles are dissapearing after every part is taken/failed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    8) Q & E Turns removed.

    I removed the default Q & E keys to turn your character as I think they are confusing and are not really the best way to turn. Players should be holding down the right mouse button and using the mouse to turn.

    Does anyone here use Q & E? I've completely removed them for now but if anyone wants them in as an option I could set that back up.
    Sorry for the late input. I'm loving the changes, except for the elimination of the turn keys. I never use Q & E as I'm a lefty, but I use the left and right arrow keys for turning in Xyson and most other games. I also use the right mouse button, but not as much as the arrow keys. I never strafe, even when it might be advantageous in a PvP situation. If you need to eliminate a couple keys, please add a turn/strafe toggle to the Key Binds.

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    I'll put back the turning commands in the next patch. Thanks!

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    Thanks. You're the best.

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    Thanks! I need in Q&E turning very much! It would be cool to do this in the hotkey menu.

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    About point 6 of Updates.
    Hot keys / key binds have been set up for the Pet commands is very good. But what about key for dismount. You need to do Hot key / key bind (by default "F7") for mount & dismount together.

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    I've put back the key binds / hot keys for turns on the current Test Server. By default they are not assigned so players that want to use these will need to assign their own keys. I removed the second key bind for Walk and Auto Walk as those are rarely, if ever used so I wouldn't have to readjust the whole panel.

    About the F7 key for mounting / dismounting. Is this not working?

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    F7 works for mounting. Does not work for dismounting.

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