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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Ok, I can have something to close the left hand of the panel but I first want to be clear on what the root problem is that this is addressing.

    What is the reason for wanting to select other objects in the world while crafting? Is it to access other materials? Do you move materials and tools to your inventory from external containers while crafting? Or are there other reasons?

    The Workshop feature should eliminate the need for sorting out tools and materials as all materials in one building should show up in the Crafting Panel.

    I've been checking out other similar games and the standard is to have a Crafting Panel that takes up the entire screen with no movement or interaction with other stuff necessary while you are crafting. I'm trying to achieve the same so that players can open Crafting and everything they need is accessible within the panel. What additional functionality would help to fulfill this goal?

    Yes, we need to select things in the world, like small logs on the ground

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    Sorry for the late reply it has been crazy week at work (back to office after a year of work from home)

    The workshops should resolve like 98% of the issues with the large UI. Its the edge cases where you need to deal with resource bundles, logs, sticks or grab things out of baskets that aren't going to be in a workshop or in a cart.

    (im literally building most of my tribe area out of gadu blueprints... so its really noticeable.)

    Like if im clearing a field inside of the totem area to save as much grass as i can before i terraform it. It wouldnt practical to load it in a cart 20 at a time just to craft out of the cart. For grass its actually easier to just gather the grass and then craft it directly to thread leaving the crafting window up the entire time.

    for lumber i cut down all the trees im going to turn into studs/sheets/posts first until i get about 100-200 logs.. then we just process all of that while moving it into carts, then haul all of that back to the tribe area.

    sticks are when you need to craft something like arrows, i use to like to leave the crafting window open so i could just craft arrows as i needed them.

    I keep a stack of feathers and a craft knife on me so i could hunt with just a couple of arrows on me at a time.

    In other games you are able to carry significantly more resources on you so the workshop should bring xsyon more inline with that freedom while making the player still work for it.

    If you are crafting one or two things for the most part you wont notice. If you are crafting 100 wood posts to make habi posts or if you need to make say 800+ thatch you start noticing the menu is in the way.

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    That clarifies things. Thanks!

    So, it sounds like bundle objects (grass and logs) are an issue. Allowing players to carry more of these resources and carry them in packs / bins would make things easier and more in line with other current games. (Even though I kind of like the realism of not being able to put a large log into your pack).

    I'll think about how I can improve this.

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    What if you could also use a camp fire as a primitive workshop, then people could use camp fires as mobile project sites.

    Like maybe while inside the hearth radius you can use resource bundles show up in addition to crafting while crafting but not containers that arent on your person or in a attached cart

    like the idea goes camp fire helps illuminate the area so im able to grab it and use my tools, still doesn't really solve the issue with bundles around the game world with out having to build a ton of camp fires.. and that would just encourage players to build a bunch of camp fires so maybe not such a good idea...

    just throwing ideas out there, but in any case thank you for all the hard work totally love this game.
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    on the crafting for instance making bricks. The crafting only lets me do 20 at a time but I can hold over 50 limestone or granite. Is there a way that you can make the crafting number match what you can carry or let the player go above 20 if the are unencombered?

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    I will be adjusting the stack and craft counts for everything (as needed) over the next few weeks. That will include bricks.

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    About new craft panel:
    1) it is so big, especially for notebook. Is there a way to change/minimize its size?
    2) is it possible to add scroll arrows as in skill panel?
    3) can a broken tool disappear in the same way as an exhausted stack?
    4) erroneous display of the quantity in the selected stack when the tool breaks
    5) error. Сontinuing crafting after the panel is suddenly closed. I crafted and ejected tools. I used key "Y" to confirm the ejection. And craft panel was suddenly closed. And crafting continued. The entire inventory was filled with an illusory tool. This all does not happen if you find only one item through the search...Taking advantage of the moment, I want to ask for a button to switch between modes normal and delete item (one click delete item)...please
    6) error. It is very good that learning a new recipe now does not reset the current one. But after that, something strange begins to happen to the amount. Only the first and last item of the required quantity is produced
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyPaul View Post
    About new craft panel:
    1) it is so big, especially for notebook. Is there a way to change/minimize its size?
    I will be adding a function to close part of the panel although might take me a bit of time to do that (it's low priority right now with lots of other work in progress).

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyPaul View Post
    2) is it possible to add scroll arrows as in skill panel?
    Where in the craft panels would you like to see scroll arrows? (Maybe a screenshot would help)

    I will look into the other issues this week.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Where in the craft panels would you like to see scroll arrows? (Maybe a screenshot would help)
    By analogy with the skill window.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Scroll arrows in craft panel.png 
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    Ok, that's clear now. I'll add those. Thanks!

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