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Ok, I can have something to close the left hand of the panel but I first want to be clear on what the root problem is that this is addressing.

What is the reason for wanting to select other objects in the world while crafting? Is it to access other materials? Do you move materials and tools to your inventory from external containers while crafting? Or are there other reasons?

The Workshop feature should eliminate the need for sorting out tools and materials as all materials in one building should show up in the Crafting Panel.

I've been checking out other similar games and the standard is to have a Crafting Panel that takes up the entire screen with no movement or interaction with other stuff necessary while you are crafting. I'm trying to achieve the same so that players can open Crafting and everything they need is accessible within the panel. What additional functionality would help to fulfill this goal?

Yes, we need to select things in the world, like small logs on the ground