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    07/13/2021 - Feedback Request - Scavenging - Test Server

    Hello everyone!

    The Test Server is running a revised scavenging system that I would you to check out.

    Instead of actively clicking the Scavenge icon and coming up with a random result, this system runs the scavenge function automatically as you wander around and adds the found items to a list. The items show up as Resource icons (along with Grass and other standard resources). Up to 5 scavenged resources can show up. You can then click or use the hot key for each scavenged resource if you want to actually gather it.

    Ideally it would be great if the available scavenged resources would appear on the ground and the player could pick them up, but that's not viable right now.

    For now, if players like where I'm going with this I will do the same for Foraging.

    I am also considering some further improvements and changes:

    - Three gathering modes: Standard, Scavenging and Foraging. In Standard mode only the base resources like Grass, Granite etc. show up. In Scavenging mode either only scavenged items or base resources plus scavenged items would show up. In Foraging mode either only foraged items or base resources plus forged items would show up. Scavenging and Foraging modes would slightly affect movement speed. You would switch between the modes by clicking an icon or selecting a hot key for that icon. The icon could be either where the Scavenge icon currently is or next to the Hide icon.

    - Scavenge settings. Scavenge settings would all players more control over what they are scavenging for. The settings would be an additional panel that would open from the Skill panel. You would have a list of groups to focus on such as Building Materials, Cloth, Metal, Schemes etc. The higher your skill, the more groups would be available for you to fine tune what you are looking for.

    - Currently the Resource bar has icons for Scavenging, Foraging and 5 Resources. With this updated system I could remove the Scavenging and Foraging icons and have 7 (or 8) Resources instead.

    This is a first draft of this type of system. I'm still testing it out myself. All feedback is welcome on this and I'd like to know if everyone would prefer this type of system or what's currently in place.

    My goal is to make Scavenging and Foraging less tedious and have players better find what they are looking for without loading their packs with junk they don't want.

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    Here is what I found playing around:

    The first 2~5 ish pulls gathers random amounts of the resource. Everything after that I pulled 1 each time. I managed to pull a stack of 100 Found leather one at a time (yes, I stood there and kept hitting the resource bar and followed the icon around until I hit 100, got bored and moved on, lol).
    I pulled around $1000 in about 10 minutes by moving when the pull quantity went to 1 and pulling from a different spot when it popped up.
    I am level 78 Scavenging and didn't really keep track of random numbers per pull.
    The skill action count does not update until you move.
    Resource Icons got slightly bigger.
    As for Improvements Ideas, you could also have Scav/Forage window Kind of like Farming(or change Farming to something like this?) Just a thought though.
    All in all I would like a system like this better than the current system.
    Pros are being able to go after exactly what you are scaving for.
    Cons are when running around I pay more attention to the Resource bar then where I am going and the Bears I could run right up too.

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    I've patched a quick fix.

    Scavenged resources are supposed to be removed from the icon list once you click on them. That way you can't just scavenge the same item over and over.

    About icons being bigger, do you mean just the scavenged items? I'll have to check and see if the scavenged item icons are different than the standard resource icons. The scavenged items just use the same icons currently used for your packs and inventory.

    I'm thinking having the different modes like gathering, scavenging and foraging would remove the distraction of so many items appearing at once. It would be similar to having a separate small panel as you suggest.

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    Thank you for the new feature suggestion.

    Here is my feedback after running around a while scaving…

    1.) The concept as a whole is a good idea in my opinion because it adds some variety to scaving.
    2.) There are some minor bugs like at time u can just sit there and pull the same blueprint like 10 times before it goes away.
    3.) Also another small bug is when you click on icon, it instantly switches everything to something else. So if I click on leather, it will somehow instantly switch to something and pick it up. Not sure if this is intended but its kind of a fun system. That way you don't always get Exactly what u want actually.
    4.) Also this adds a little element of easier scaving concept. So, in turn maybe if you go old school, by hitting 6 and gambling, you don't get to choose but you get a slight bonus. This way we don't do away with the old system that was and is so greatly done.
    5.) I didn't try foraging but I recon its same concept and same mechanics as scaving.

    Thanks for the great game and awesome updates. Looking forward to nothing more then map possibly opening up more for expansion and exploration.

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    new scavenging system is excellent, but noticed bug that i do not see animals as my pet for example and revenant who attacked me during scavenging and i was not able to fight him couse was invisible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post

    About icons being bigger, do you mean just the scavenged items? I'll have to check and see if the scavenged item icons are different than the standard resource icons. The scavenged items just use the same icons currently used for your packs and inventory.
    The entire resource bar seemed bigger. I keep it lined up with the Action bar and they matched.
    Last edited by Wilson423; 07-14-2021 at 05:47 PM.

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    I've updated the Test Server. Here are some things to test:

    Instead of the Scavenging icon there is an icon to switch your Resource Mode. In base Resource Mode only the standard grass, rock etc. show up as icons. In Scavenge Mode, scavenged resources show up in addition to the base resources. In Forage mode, foraged resources show up in addition to the base resources.

    The Forage icon has been removed so that gives one extra icon slot for found resources.

    When you pull a scavenged or foraged resource, it should properly be removed from your list of icons. You shouldn't be able to keep gathering one resource and the other glitches that were happening should be all fixed now.

    The bug with invisible pets and creatures should be fixed. (That was due to a mismatch between the Server and Client code)

    About the size of the resource bar, could you post a screenshot of what you see on the Test Server vs what you see on one of the Main Servers? The icons haven't changed so they shouldn't be different in size at all.

    There is more I want to do with this revised system but if all of this looks ok, I think I can include this in the next update. Let me know if there are any other issues.


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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Xsyon Bars.jpg 
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    It is the same as Main server but I was thinking they matched. My eyes must be getting old. Haha!

    Seems to work as intended except Uses are gained when items pop in resource bar, not when actually pulling the item in Forestry and Scavenge modes. No Uses added to Resource skill in Resource mode.

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    Loving this new scav system, this is awesome! Thanks Xsyon.

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    oh man, this new system is a lot of fun. it feels like im actually searching for the thing im looking for instead of playing the chance game for stuff i dont need.

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