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    08/03/2021 - Feedback Request - Hall Of Heroes & Legends - Test Server

    A new feature is ready for testing on the Test Server, the Hall Of Heroes and Hall of Legends!

    This is something I started setting up a long time ago and decided to finish it up now.

    Here's how it works:

    1 - Two new building uses are available (for tents, teepees, etc. like other building uses), the Hall of Heroes and Hall of Legends.

    2 - The Hall of Heroes displays the top 22 players with the most experience whose tribe is within 1000 meters of the current tribe.

    3 - The Hall of Legends displays the top 22 players with the most experience in the entire world of Xsyon.

    I am planning to expand this feature to list the top players in other categories, for example top players in each stat, top total skills in each skill group or most kills. These additional categories would be accessed by tabs at the bottom of the panel.

    What additional categories of Heroes would you personally like to see?

    Thanks and I hope you all enjoy this feature!

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    Longest lived player... though maybe only players that have logged in recently with higher level players ranked over lowers.

    Player that owns the most buildings, though i think king wins that.. but he uses alts i think so maybe he is competing with himself lol...

    richest player (though maybe that wont be fun on the war server lol)

    person that has tamed the most animals

    the output of the top chiefs last signature recipe (what they made not the recipe)
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    - Most active Guilds with coordinates or South/east/north/west region
    - Most active guilds with most players logged in
    - biggest radius of guilds and member
    -or..daily logged in guilds daily updated
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    if it is not so complex to develop this
    - highest existing Legend animals or revenants (bosses) with most life or other things(if it is not so complex) .This highest legends animals or Revenants then drops legend resources ( for Necromancer weapon)/weapons in the feature ...eventually in which region they are walking..North/South/East/west for eventually "Necromancer Secret Char"

    what effect would that have? Players (or eventually Secret Necromancer unlocked Slots) search for the legendary creatures in the south/west/north and east and this would in turn lead to random contacts in the world
    - This points of interest are then contacts with NPC legend animals and Player Highend Necromancer overall in the world and this also for PVE Server and PVP Server

    Necromancer Weapon looks like fishing rod with glowing color (red/Yellow and so on....looks like a Jedi weapon from Star Wars) and the deeper the color the more damage or quality this weapon has and other players can see from the colors of the weapon how strong it might be
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