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    08/03/2021 - Resources, Crafting And Misc. Improvements - Test Server

    A few more improvements / changes primarily to resources and crafting are ready on the Test Server.

    1 - Base resources (grass, rock, etc.) appear only in base Resource gathering mode. In Scavenge and Forage mode only scavenged and foraged items appear. This will give you more items to select from especially on scrap piles.

    2 - Bundles except for logs can be placed inside packs and pouches. (This is a big change and we need to test dragging these items around everywhere, dropping them and picking them up to make sure there are no glitches)

    3 - Gathering bundle items when bundle slot is full now go to your packs.

    4 - Resource gathering mode uses a new icon instead of the grass icon to avoid confusion.

    5 - Bundled resources (grass, twigs, etc.) now stack up to 32 instead of 4.

    6 - Non bundle basic resources (rocks etc.) now stack to 100

    7 - Weights for basic resources reduced.

    8 - Timer bar for gathering grass removed.

    9 - Gathering animations shortened.

    10 - Hammer and Mallet tools used for different schemes. Mallets are now used primarily for armor and weapons while Hammers are for building construction.

    11 - Bundles in your Workshop should appear in the Craft Panel.

    12 - The hot key used for Mount also should work for Dismount.

    13 - Turn commands are back and available in the Keybind menu. A few duplicate keys for Walk and Autowalk were removed.

    14 - Starter backpack increased from 20 to 30 slots.

    15 - Equip action available on armor in your packs.

    If you have any feedback or find problems with any of these changes, please let me know.

    There is one issue: what should I do about bundle items stacked in the world?

    Right now you will see they are messed up as a bundle of 4 is not a full bundle. One solution is for me to run a script and 'fill' all bundles in the world to the max count of 32. This will basically create a bunch of free resources but I am ok with that. Any opinions on this?


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    I think filling the bundles up is fine because you are reducing the weight of the resources because my logic is the player has already done a bunch of work moving the previously heavier items around.

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    I am with @xyberviri on this. "Filling" the bundles is probably the best, easiest solution. Also, I can't wait for items 5, 6, 13, 14 to make it to Live!! I haven't played on the test server, but I think you have some great ideas going forward. Thanks for all your work!

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    I just tried logging in to Test server and I'm getting incorrect version just after updating through the launcher.

    After messing around for a few minutes I found that having a bundle (cloth/grass/etc) on your back picking up any log will go straight to packs with a negative number. Other bundles go straight to packs also(as intended). Having a log on your back and you cant pick up a bundle (you have no room for that message).

    I managing to get bundles in my pack with a negative number (trying to figure out how I did that*). pulling a negative number bundle from pack to back slot hotbar sets the amount to max (32) on back.

    Cant split bundles.

    * What I found does not work 100% of the time but I can duplicate and un-duplicate pulled bundles. Here is what I did:
    pull 1 Plastic. pull 1 Cloth. drop both on ground. pick up plastic. pick up cloth. cloth becomes a negative number (-25 for me). drop plastic on ground. move cloth from pack to back. cloth becomes 32.

    I can duplicate plastic if I un-duplicate the cloth using the same method.

    I'm out of time for tonight. I will work on it again tomorrow unless someone else figures out the right combo! =D
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    I ran a script on the Test Server to fill all bundles in the world that were at max (count of 4) to the new max of 32.

    Also I believe I fixed all of the weird issues reported except for not being able to split bundles. If any of the weird stuff with negative counts or logs being able to be put in bags can still happen, please let me know.


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    Changes you made are very interesting and awesome, it's much more satisfying, thank you.
    I wonder if you will revise skills too?

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    I was testing adding bundles from a cart to a build project, to see if they could be added to a project from inside a bin in a cart. They can not, just as any other binned item in a cart. However, after successfully adding them from the cart slot instead of the bin, when I attempted to remove the materials and return them to their original stack in the cart slot, instead of the warning that the stacks can't be combined there, I received an invalid inventory request error. I then tried to remove the items to an empty cart slot and they vanished with no error message. This is consistently repeatable.

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