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    Quote Originally Posted by Slep3 View Post
    Updates are great! Ever thought of putting up a PVPVE server with non pvp zones? A new server with a fresh start for everyone would be amazing . More places for new players to build , New goals for maxed out vets.
    Did you know there is pvp server? just ask to turn off safe areas on pvp server and you have what you're asking for.

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    thanks for posting the most wealthiest now we can see the evidence of toppers giving all his alts millions of currency,

    i counted at least 4 alts i know of in that list and all of them new characters compared to the rest of the actual veterans.

    the only way he did this was to spawn money from his guide acc to give to his alts.

    you really should police what they do on their guide accounts.

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    you should add 2 more tabs, one for the players with the most HP and most number of skills capped at 100

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    Good idea with mixed PVE/PVP Server
    we need to increase the number of players on a server!
    That's why I'm also for it and would also give up our city on the PVP server. you could make it so on the PVE server that tribes would have to sacrifice a lot of weapons and armour at the totem to mark their city and their members as PVP. PVE players are always Save! This sacrifice of weapons and armour lasts for a week and then automatically becomes PVE again if no further sacrifices are made to the totem.

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