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    Cannot get direct answer in game

    Hey all! (and developer if you're seeing this, you deserve more than an inclusive "all" since its your game)

    I have been seeing a lot of mutated pets in stables around the game and was wondering if it is still possible to mutate pets and if so if there is any information on it. Since the community is small its nearly impossible to find details like this and I mostly just want some general direction rather than vague hints from people that don't seem to want to share info lol.

    Is it even possible anymore or am I totally wasting time experimenting...For example: tried letting a baby pet and regular pet wander in the wasteland for a total of around 36 hours each.
    If so Is there some actual information that can be provided so the rest of us can join in on the fun.... with such a small community I get how it can be cool to have secrets, but if we don't share some of the endgame content with new people might be hard to get us to stay the long haul or bring in new blood.

    Thanks all!


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    Haven't done any taming since the early testing.

    I suspect what you are seeing are players with high taming skill who have managed to find and tame a mutant in the wild.

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    When taming was first added it was possible to tame mutants if you had 90 in taming skill.

    But very quickly jordi removed the ability to tame mutants.

    those stables you see with mutants are of those players who in the first weeks, tamed a mutant.

    Now you cannot tame them.

    I to have heard the "rumours" of getting a pet to mutate if you patrol it across the mist enough times
    but ive havnt seen it myself.

    until jordi lets us know, we are just guessing.

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