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    03/21/2022 - Feedback Request - Top Suggestions

    Hello everyone!

    As I am wrapping up the latest big features in progress (Terrain Expansion and the War System) I will soon have time to work on minor improvements based on your suggestions.

    I am looking for feedback on what small improvements current players are most looking for.

    If you can, please look through the current Suggestions forum and let me know which improvements resonate the most for you. Or, if you have suggestions that you'd really like to see in game but are not currently in that list, please add your suggestion to the forum.

    My focus will be on improved playability, ease and balance but I'd very much like to hear what you guys would most like to see.

    I will be working on changes that are most feasible, so for now that means nothing that would require a lot of new artwork or any large systems.


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    Make tools effect quantity and quality for resource gathering:

    pick for rocks
    sickle for grass
    rake for cones/leaves/twigs/branches
    axe add quality to logs

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    I dont know if it's been suggested or if it's a good idea.
    I think we need more npc action to help when the player base is offline and few are on. Not just focused on something new but expanding what is here like letting this war zone have event focused problems like a swarm of a specific enemy or when players reach global milestones like mine (X) amount then creatures focused around this look will appear near bases with affects that degrade your buildings to small degrees unless they are killed. If any event is successful then reward with the opposite affect or buff to help push success. You could even focus it based on the players in the event or area of affect. Then introduce random traders to add peculiar items to help but you have to find them in the world, which gets people exploring. Finally with modified building structures we can build to add effects to our defense or to our efficient farms or small cities people have demonstrated they enjoy making.

    if it makes me enjoy doing the normal grind and enjoy gameplay then im down, but if its more grind then its more content but without a story or without friends or without some game interaction. I dont claim to be right but its my take on something that i think will add to the game
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    also different foods, anything i can cook and get a buff from, but style gets points

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    A lot more different foods would be fun, and using different methods certainly could add more flavor to the cooking game within this game, such as grills, stoves, ovens, etc. They don't have to do their stat boosts completely differently, but the flavors could cook differently so you can get more creative or completely different combinations of cooking and bonuses compared to kebabs.

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    - Too many dogs, not enough venison.
    - Creatures are still OP in my opinion.
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