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    Map Update, Danger, and Resources

    I am curious about the new map update. I read it is 7x larger. I think this is a welcomed addition. However, I have also read that resources are now regional. I would guess this change was made to spur trade? But is the population of the game sufficiently suited to trade actually being an option to get resources outside of your region? Or, does the increase in map size and regional resources just mean that players are going to have to travel longer distances to get the resources they need? Also, if dangers get greater the further away from the lake, doesn't that mean players must enter zones too dangerous to obtain their resources and thus may just get frustrated and quit because the reward is not worth the effort or danger?

    And speaking of danger, I have always thought the creatures in the game (especially Revs) are much too strong for most players. The combat, being the way it is, is too difficult to master for most new players to overcome and there is a risk of losing interest due to overly-difficult creatures.

    Finally, if a new player wanted to just go out into the wilderness (new areas) and live a hermit life, is it even possible with the dangers associated with living in those higher-danger zones?


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    About the resources, they were always meant to be regional, and they were to some extent but they were not set up properly so I think they seemed a lot more random where you could get everything everywhere if you wanted to (even if it was just a small chance).

    Yes, hopefully regional resources encourages some trade or at least travel.

    The danger level of each region is no longer simply based on distance from the lake. There are now 'easy' danger hubs around the map, surrounded by medium, high, then extreme danger zones. So there are easy to extreme regions within each resource based area.

    Basically even starting players can easily settle in 'easy' danger hubs. I will probably add a layer to the map to make this clear for players.

    I will be revising creatures again this summer. I've kept making them easier and easier, except for the mutants, but yes, many players still find them difficult. I think the main reason is that players aren't expecting the system where creatures in Xsyon gain power over time and through combat. So players see a cat which can be very easy or quite hard depending on how long that cat has existed in game.


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    Thanks for the reply. And, oh, yes, please add a map layer to show danger levels. Have you given names to the resource regions? Naming them, giving them codes, or simply numbers even -- anything to associate resources will help players rationalize where they need to go to get the particular items they need.

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    I think it would be better to have those regions unnamed, it would feel better to figure out what and where is going on in the maps, and certainly does encourage the trade of both items and the knowledge of the areas.

    The creatures certainly are difficult, but we always have others to help explain, usually, but it certainly is super hard to understand the power difference in the beginning, and the need to get stronger first or understand the combat better.

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