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    American Civil War is Starting!

    The preparatory work we players can already create in advance

    Die Vorarbeiten können Wir Spieler schon im vorraus schaffen

    Come to Washington and apply at the City Totem! Afterwards you will be accepted into the Union Army.
    To go from recruit to private you have to quest at the city totem to get your Union armor and weapons together and then get the rank of private! Later you can decide whether you want to play in the Civil War as a cavalry or foot soldier or logistics (positions with terraforming and logistics, food, weapons supply and food) or as a creature master (by controlling the combat animals to the enemy you are like an artilleryman

    WANTED is still:
    Guild that builds the city VIRGINIA and like the UNION ARMY in the north totem sets and creates a Confederacy armor in as Supreme as possible from all the armor sets!

    Komm nach Washington und bewirb dich am Stadt Totem! Anschliessend wirst du in die Union Army aufgenommen.
    Um von Rekrut zu Gefreiter zu werden musst Du an dem Quest Totem der Stadt deine Unionsrüstung und Waffen zusammen questen und bekommst dann den Rang des Gefreiten! Später kannst Du dich entscheiden ob du im Civil War als Kavalerie oder Fusssoldat oder Logistik (Stellungen mit Terraforming und Logistik,Nahrung,Waffen Nachschub und Nahrung) oder als Kreaturen Meister (Durch Steuerung der Kampftiere zum Feind bist du wie ein Artilerie

    GESUCHT wird noch:
    Gilde die die Stadt VIRGINIA aufbaut und wie bei der UNION ARMY im Norden Totem setzt und eine Confederacy Rüstung in möglichst Supreme erschafft aus den ganzen Rüstungssets!

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    The first UNION Recruits working on the city WASHINGTON!....Each day now we Post the growing city for the CIVIL WAR ...SOON...Gigantic American Civil War with terraforming for underground bunker and barricades and much more! 1000 of player
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    Things are moving forward! The food supply is secured for the workers of the UNION ARMY and over half of the current area is straightened with terraforming!
    With every new worker the urban area of Washington expands
    Es geht voran! Die Nahrungsversorgung ist gesichert für die Arbeiter der UNION ARMY und über die Hälfte des momentanen Gebietes ist mit Terraforming begradigt!
    Mit jedem neuen Arbeiter erweitert sich das Stadtgebiet von Washington
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    massive Terraforming for the City of WASHINGTON..the startpoint of the North Army were all soldier start her journey and capture the coming Territorys War!
    Its still the beginning of a gigantic MMO Civil War in another timeline! You know XSYON is set in America after a strange bomb has wiped out all knowledge and the population must learn everything again!
    So also develops the new American Civil War where here not a black civilian population is liberated but here it is the Revenants who are liberated.
    Terraforming in this gigantic Civil war on the Battlefields is an important tactical goal for the North and South Army!
    Here is a next picture from the work on WASHINGTON..the starter City of the North Army
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    I love Xsyon..but this are things from the sight of the players why they wanted not play Xsyon and the big Success is not coming..

    We need an endgame in Xsyon to bring more players to Xsyon! The MMO would have everything a successful MMO needs and that with tons of features that are really unique! can we bring the players back to Xsyon? Simply with the upcoming Territory War...and why not the popular American Civil War that has excited players in many games? In Xsyon this would be feasible with very few things!
    1 armor for the North Army and 1 armor for the South Army and for now a rifle. With this you could immediately create a complete American Civil War in a MMO in gigantic size with features like huge land, by terraforming battlefields with bunkers and fortifications in all zones build (by quickly founding guilds and so build fortifications ...). afterwards you can dissolve tribe again and by regeneration of the landscape as it is in the game, yes landscapes are then reset again) and in connection with the unique Revenants (these can put on armor and weapons scrapped by players) you can also historically still connect with the liberation of the black population!
    And all this NOW already with the existing at oodles of features.
    And this is all as Jordy wanted...a XSYON that with time all knowledge is learned again!

    AND..a important thing is Jordy is working on the Grafic update!..What we need is better trees...the Granite texture is also bad and in the world bushes ( many bushes are also ready---> the dead plants of farming)
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    Well Endgame was only with an American Civil probably ends with endless battles for better resources! Over time it gets boring again...although it takes years for boredom to set in again!
    In order to ensure the motivation for more years in an MMO, an even bigger goal must come!
    I only say ADDON! With the conquering of zones one could offer the players a further incentive (and give the developers a lot of time for programming) and they could collect points by conquering areas and then unlock an extra slot for a secret char like back in Star Wars Galaxies where you could unlock a Jedi. This would also fit back into Jordy's concept at the time where he wanted to bring FAITH into the game. This could then be an unlock of a secret slot that allows a player to create a new character that has great skills and can also level up! For example, for the American Civil War then a char, for example, it could be a general who has particularly strong skills but also only has ONE LIFE! If he dies then the slot disappears again and the players have to collect points again so that a new secret slot appears. Endgame that keeps players in an MMO for years

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