A Fishing Rodeo will be held on September 17th at Sunset Cove.
It will start at 12 Noon PST/3 pm EST. GuideElijah will be on
hand about 20 minutes before the event begins to give summons.

Everyone who shows up will get $5000.
You can turn in 5 fish of any type to get 1 event token.

Turn in fish as follows for other prizes:

20 Mountain Whitefish Supreme ql 125 Master Scrapper's Rod
15 Brown Trout Supreme ql 125 Welmeti Fish Pouch
10 Cutthroat Supreme ql 125 Welmeti Fish Basket
5 Brook Trout Supreme ql 100 Dissector

However be sure to hold some fish back for the special grand
finale of this event. I will spawn a male hunchback coyote pup
and set his age at 1. Whoever tames him gets to keep him.
Age of animals in Xsyon is in months, and about every
3 and one third to 3 and one half real life days your your
pet's age will go up by one month.