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    Xsyon 2022 Thanksgiving Event

    Xsyon 2022 Thanksgiving Event:

    On Saturday, November 26th, I will be hosting
    Xsyon's 2022 Thanksgiving Event over at my camp
    on Mystery Isle. this will be a cooperative Event
    in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

    I want Triceracock Kebobs for my Thanksgiving Dinner.
    I will spawn in a Legendary Triceracock and name
    him ThanksgivingDinner. Players will be expected to
    cooperate to take him down. You will only be able to
    use one of the 4 types of dogs as your hunting pet for
    the event. Coyotes will not be allowed for this Event.
    So get out there and tame yourself a good hunting dog
    and train him up for the event.

    When he is taken down, I will skin him and evenly
    distribute the spoils among event attendees. You will
    then need to cook me a Triceracock Kebob using the
    following ingredients:

    Primary Ingredient 1 Triceracock Meat
    Secondary Ingredient 1 Water Cress
    Terciary Ingredient 1 Yarrow

    Each person that turns in a Triceracock Kebob to me
    will receive their choice of Special Weapon and $5000.

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    The Time for the Event on the Peace Server will be Noon Pacific Time.
    Rhe Time for the Event on the War Server will be 2 pm Pacific Time.

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