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    Real display of server status.

    Hello. Does the server status display information correctly? A couple of days ago, the ability to enter the pvp server disappeared, but on the site and in the launcher, the green "War Server Is Up" is displayed. Today, after a couple of hours of playing, the ability to enter the server disappeared again, but the status is still displayed as ready to play.

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    Now the server status display works correctly. However, it is a pity that the server does not work and there is no information why.

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    Generally the server status display works correctly. In the past week the War Server has locked up a few times now it a way that is not possible to detect externally with the tool that displays the server status.

    This type of lock up is something that hasn't happened on either server in over 5 years. Before that there was an issue that occasionally caused a similar 'freeze' but that issue was finally resolved and this is the first time I've seen a similar issue since then.

    Please open a help ticket as it appears that you were online when this issue happened. Maybe I can get some information about what actions you were doing in game and figure out what has been causing the server to 'freeze'.


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    Hello. I created a help ticket.

    I think twice at the time when the server was 'freeze', I crafted on the character Nerluk Rock Bead and sort the Scrap Cloth with the character Freemason. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact time.

    I hope this information is of some help.
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