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    Trees oscillating in the wind

    I think they should oscillate way slower.
    When I look at them I have the feeling they are in a storm. This makes me nervous

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    Re:Trees oscillating in the wind

    True, the swaying trees give an interesting feel to the game. When the light is right I get that foreboding feeling telling me I should be looking for shelter instead of wandering around. If the sound track included the sound of wind blowing through the trees then the feeling would be total. (as the sound track for "They call the Wind Mariah" enters my head)

    So perhaps a later game tweak that correlate tree swaying with the weather (which goes by too fast at the moment anyway).

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    Re:Trees oscillating in the wind

    I have also noticed that when you stand still there is the common "waiting" movement (changing legs, looking around, breathing and stuff like that). That is okay and well done, but again: it is too fast. The character sways the head constantly left/right like a kid with GAD waiting for his medicaments.

    This is somehow related to the tree problem. These recurring "background" movements should be relaxing and slooow, not fast and seizuring.

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