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    06/27/2023 - Architecture Snap Patch Feedback

    Hello everyone!

    If you notice any issues with today's patch or have any feedback on the architecture snap feature please post here.

    This patch is preparatory for the upcoming graphics and War System updates. A lot of the code has been cleaned up and prepared for DirectX 11. There shouldn't be any noticeable changes but if you notice anything different or find any new problems, please report them here.


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    The snap feature is great if you are trying to put structure on top of another as it means you dont have to keep raising it.

    Just figured out how to use the snap feature of other directions and it does make it easier to "line" pieces up.

    However some build parts are not snappable to i.e. on top of a floor.

    Otherwise it does definitely add a quality of life to building - it makes some stuff quicker and easier
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    The Scrapper Trusses don't seem to line up properly when snapped. To me it seems that it has to do with their model, rather than lining up by their ropes/lines, it lines up by touching the protruding metal posts. Not too big of a deal since it's an easy fix, but can be a bit more annoying at a larger scale.

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