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    Paying for Edible Animal Parts and Meat

    Bainolthar at Thurinbar, Elunell at Sunset Cove, Ovorfinnel at Castle Elenath, and Edlothia at Silverleaf are paying for edible animal parts and meat as follows:

    Edible Animal Parts per Rarity in Dollars:

    White 2
    Green 4
    Blue 6
    Purple 8

    Meat per Rarity in Dollars:

    White 5
    Green 10
    Blue 15
    Purple 20
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    The prices above are per edible animal part, and yu can find the ladies at their restaurants: Bainolthar's Tavern and Inn, Edlothia's Diner, Ovorfinnels's Roadhouse, and Elunell's Restaurant.

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    Restaurant Locations:

    Bainolthar's Tavern and Inn Zone 737, X 785, Z 752
    Edlothia's Diner Zone 795, X 847, Z 425
    Ovorfinnel's Roadhouse Zone 779, X 531, Z 576
    Elunell's Restaurant Zone 687, X 766, Z 488

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    dropped some meat at the Thurinbar main gate you can put the money in the same box and ill collect it whenever, cheers

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