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    Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    Hello everyone. As you all know, we're getting closer to release. More people are being brought into the game daily, and while there have been a number of RP Tribes being set up, I think its time we start building the foundation for the RP Community. My thoughts, are creating a network hub for all Role Playing Tribes, and all non-tribed role players as a whole. I'm thinking about hosting with Guildportal, and creating an open applicant system, as well as public priveleges to the community calendar there. This place will be a hub for Storytelling, Biographies, RP Tribal recruitment, Event Collaborating, and whatever other need we can see fit for it. I plan on purchasing the domain:, if available. I'll Keep you all informed on the progress of the website, and would like to go ahead and recruit some admins and moderators here for those who would be interested in undergoing such a task.

    Hope this topic receives some positive feedback.

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    I would never suggest buying a domain with a - (dash) in it. Try to think of another name that works IMO.

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    We do have a few extra forums that we have not enabled yet, we are waiting till a bit later

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    Ah, interesting. Glad to hear that the administration is doing some things to help out with the RP Community. I'm eager to see what comes our way!

    @ Inferno:

    The other alternative I came up with would be

    Longer, but no dash.

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    I usally play alone. Not because I don't get along with others, but I have MS and have a hard time keeping up with groups. I would just like to build a little log cabin and defend it as best I can. So I guess I'm RP all the way. Of cause I don't mind having help from alliances & neghbors.

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    We'll help ya...won't even require protection money!

    Always love a good hermit. :lol:

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    Sorry, as for on topic--as a former creator and admin of a game roleplayers site, I will tell you: It will be FAR better if they do something here on the official forums, because building the community away from it is a Herculean task and it seems most people are not up to cruising multiple sites. They tend to stick with one. Maybe people get tired of of repeating themselves. maybe clicking to a new site is painful :P But having things all together tends to make people happier. Just what I have noted.

    If you are up for it, I say go ahead. But be warned it may not have much traffic, even from a vibrant RP community. Or the traffic will be very quiet (since WHEN are roleplayers EVER quiet?? REALLY?? I swear it is an enigma...).

    I'd love to see if the official forums here toss in a roleplay section where we can congregate, and not worry about missing someone who didn't notice the roleplayers moved to a "different" site.

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    Also to note while this is all good we want RPing to be done in game ironically enough :silly:

    This r not a MUD :silly:

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    I will RP a box of cereal.

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    Re:Xsyon Community Role Player's Site

    Virtus wrote:
    We do have a few extra forums that we have not enabled yet, we are waiting till a bit later
    Good to hear!

    Although opening up a roleplay/story forum early is a good idea to set the stage for launch. It will also keep some of the troops occupied . Eve-Online and Dark and Light did this with good results.

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