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    going from one border to another is causing me to crash,or zoning,sometime is says it not there and give a error message that i could not read.also the leather craft need a needle or you cant do anything with that craft.
    login in from the last patch made to loading time just right.

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    Hello naktos,

    Did your zoning issue happen before or after the most recent update today?

    If it still happens now, please email with the the most recent log file from your Xsyon / Log folder at


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    after the update,timing out ,win7.
    about 10 min into the game you can see serve message that your being drop.but you char is still ingame.It be good if a char log out when you login in to you account instead of a message that he is still ingame.

    Seem i am working with the tailor craft and may be that it getting to many request as i work making stuff.I notice some slow downs in sending request or lag.The screen seem to freeze and then i get a server message that i being disconnected.

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