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    Mouse acceleration (and hardware cursor).

    Is there a way to turn off mouse acceleration??

    I really like no acceleration, and i think ppl (specially the ones coming from FPS) would like too. Maybe we can hear some opinions on this topic

    And the mouse seems to be software. Hardware mouse would be really nice since FPS wont affect the cursor.
    Is a pain in the ass crafing with 30 or less fps with mouse acceleration and software cursor.. draggin and dropping like that is a pain!

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    Re:Mouse acceleration (and hardware cursor).

    The mouse control is terrible. Not only is it sluggish as you mention but it seems to get "trapped" in the Xsyon window. So if the game locks up and I alt-tab out I may not have a cursor available in Windows. No idea how that is possible.

    Other examples of this are during the login screen if you're waiting for a response from a down server you can't move the mouse cursor outside the window. Or after you select a character and the game is loading stuff if you try to alt-tab then you'll often have no cursor in Windows until the game finally loads.

    I think they're doing something unorthodox and unreliable with their mouse-handling code.

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