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    A Tweak -- Map Township/Area Mis-Labeled?

    Going out on a limb here.

    While comparing the in-game township/area names and locations to the real Tahoe google map, I noticed that a central-east coastal township/area of "Glendale" doesn't exist, but "Glenbrook" does.

    As i was traveling from the south coast, along the coast-line, to north, and back, I passed through, "Glendale" in zone 210 then into "Skunk" in zone 230.

    But more accurately, when looking at the real Tahoe geography, I should have passed through "Glenbrook" then to "Skunk".

    Is this is an in-game Mis-Label?

    This is a panned out view:

    And a more panned-in view:

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    Re:A Tweak -- Map Township/Area Mis-Labeled?

    Correct, it should be Glenbrook. I just changed this. Thanks!

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