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Thread: green zone?

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    green zone?

    i was running a lot totday and found a zone where everything went green until you can't see a thing (it really hurts the eyes)

    the zone is called squaw if i remember right

    sorry had to resize the image, position is:

    Zone: 244 1956.86, 459.55, 463.05

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    Re:green zone?

    thats the end of the world...
    everytime you gor far away you end up on a green mist... thats the borders of the map

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    Re:green zone?

    That's the edge of the world. If you wander too far in to the green fog, you will die/go unconscious.

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    Re:green zone?

    Dude! its the mist... except green. Should have some monster reach out and grab your leg and drag your guy screaming and yelling into the green till you heard the dreadful sudden silence.......

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    Re:green zone?

    I dont know who to credit from our community for the map below, so speak up.

    This is the Lake Tahoe map (sort-of a good rendition for now) we're playing in, and as others have mentioned the green-zone is not adventurable or inhabitable yet, but will open-up as the fog subsides, I assume, as we progress past the prelude.

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    Re:green zone?

    ahh ok and thats really the end of the world (ouch my eyes)

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