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    Question about preorder...

    I've been lurking here for quite a while now, and I have to say, I'm very impressed with the direction of the game thus far.

    I've read the feature list, and have to say that I'm a bit skeptical, but there is a reason why. I've been burned by two games already, warhammer online and mortal online. Both games promised much, and have delivered very little thus far. I want to preorder this game, but I'm hesitant at this point.

    If I preorder today, when is the projected time that I will be able to test features and such in the beta? Judging from the features, this game seems to be following a UO-isque type gameplay, is this a correct assumption?

    In short, I'm asking you all to banish my fears that this game could be an utter failure. I don't see that happening, but from the games I've been burned by, it's hard for me not to think this way. No offense to you guys. Thanks!

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    Well, I can say hands down that this dev team is the most responsive and caring towards its product that I have seen. That alone gains much of my confidence, because they want the game to come out right, not just make them bundles of money. When you can demonstrate a passion for the product, and not just the cash flow, you surpass most every other game out there in my book.

    I, too, have been burned by many a promise that was never delivered on. But my small and and I are very hopeful for this game and plan to put down deep roots. Even if not everything comes out right away, I know that the goal of the game is something I believe in and want to be a part of, so I can be patient.

    As for preorder, I cannot say when you will get in. Preordering now will be some time, as The marches are just finishing getting in. Personally, I find this is one chance that is very much worth it. But you have to decide for yourself. But to set some worries aside, chances of follow through here, are astronomically better than any other game I have seen. :cheer:

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    As i have said to many others Jooky's plan of attack is concise and accurate. Without any other influences all should go well.

    I have not played UO MO warhammer so I cannot relate.

    As for when you will be able to play that is up in the air and depends on bugs. While the game is running smoothly for the most part he will be letting in players, but as soon as any issues crop up he will stop until the issue is resolved. Currently we are up to April 1st and have been letting people in every day since last week.

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    Please Virtus tell me what games had you play? Where are you taken inspiration for Xsyon??

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    Roma Victor yup, that's it.

    I'm not a dev just a forum admin and helping hand.

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    Okej thank ya body...and one last question: Will you playing Xsyon?

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    Virtus does play the game as well :P I've seen him.

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    Hehe okejso thanks and work on xsyon!i would like play to early...but you must complete it..

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    Virtus wrote:
    Roma Victor yup, that's it.

    I'm not a dev just a forum admin and helping hand.
    Roma victor is your only gaming experience?

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    Re:Question about preorder...

    Virtus wrote:
    Roma Victor yup, that's it.
    You poor thing

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