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    making footprints last for a while wood be a pretty nice feature, if its not in. especially for snow, could be a tracking skill. i'm not going to elaborate too much

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    Re: footprints

    Personally I wonder what effect that would have on the server... more so in terms of making that visible all the time vs making it visible on request.

    But otherwise +1

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    Re: footprints

    Agree. I must be the stealthiest and light-footed guy around because I never leave a trace

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    Re: footprints

    *Necros* I want to see a tracking skill. Perhaps making footprints more and more obvious. Or just telling us the generally direction of prey. Perhaps improving Hunting to do so.

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    Can't find it, But did we talk about this before? Seems I remember something about blood trails, And I am sure that came from foot prints.

    But yes I would love to see this in-game but only people that take tracking as a skill. Or maybe it should be a sub-skill under hunting.

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