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    Video Problem (Solved)

    I apparently set the video resolution in the game to a setting that my monitor cannot recognize. Now when I enter the game my video screen goes blank and displays the message "Input Not Supported".

    I cannot find a config file or any video resolution entries for Xsyon in the registry. How can I reset the programs resolution to a lower or default setting so that I can again enter the game?

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    Re: Video Problem

    I would imagine there is a ini or a config file you can manually edit the screen resolution.Not sure honestly just a thought.

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    Re: Video Problem

    are you running 7/vista or XP?

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    Re:Video Problem


    c:\\program files\\notorious-games*\\xsyon\\save\\options.sav


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    Re:Video Problem

    There is no save folder under "c:\\program files\\norotious-games\\xsyon\\". There are only 3 files in the xsyon directory. They are, xpatcher.ini, Xsyon Launcher.exe and xsyonGDF.exe. Looking at the properties of the Xsyon shortcut, it appears that Xsyon is launching from "C:\\Users\\Public\\Games\\Xsyon\\Xsyon Launcher.exe". "Xsyon Launcher.exe" is the only file in that directory. There is also an Uninstall subdirectoy there.

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    Re:Video Problem

    do a search for options.sav it might be in a hidden folder (appdata or application data)

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    Re:Video Problem

    I didn't find it

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    Re:Video Problem

    Do you have hidden files and folders enabled?

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    Re:Video Problem

    No, under the files and folders options "Show hidden files and folders" is checked. I leave it that way all the time, as well as show file extensions, and show hidden and system files. I just don't think this file exists on my installation.

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