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    Problem with installation.

    i got huge problem with my installation.

    My internet connection sometimes breaks, and i got dc. Because of that installer stops downloading the file and dont want to continue after reconnect.
    In such situation i need to abort installation and patch game again - it should start downloading from the file that was downloaded before. The problem is that file zone.xsip got 2 Gb, and after reconnecting it starst from beginning. I tried to download it several times, but usually it goes till 1,9Gb or 1,7Gb and stops. Last time i had 1,97Gb from 2.0Gb so i decided to write.

    Devs, couldnt autoupdater download this file in parts, or restart downloading from the moment it stops? I think when a lot of ppl will start playing it can be common problem, even if its only mine problem now.

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    Re:Problem with installation.

    I will discuss this with the launcher programmer tonight. We should be able to do this.

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    Re:Problem with installation.

    Thank You for quick answer

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