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    Couple of GUI Suggestions

    Two features I have not seen mentioned so far are being able to lock down windows, and the location of the yes/no and pickup/destroy buttons.

    Sometimes while quickly dragging items around Ill inadvertently move the pack window. The button locations can be troublesome if one is doing alot of crafting or inv management. Perhaps closer to the cursor location, and/or even add keybinds.

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    Re: Couple of GUI Suggestions

    Personally I would like the ability to be done with them altogether. For those of us blessed with better controls (no offence meant) it would mean that the odd times we do make mistakes, it would be our fault.

    The best way to do this is a options toggle, Allow for confirmation of dropped items (True/False)?, Allow for Sorting Confirmation (True/False)? and Deleting and other things with popups... or group them altogether if required.

    As with the moving problems, perhaps options of a Arrow cross on the topleft and a normal cross on the topright to allow for moving and closing (respectfully). With a toggle to allow movement by any means or "lock" which means you have to use the Arrow cross on the topleft side.

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