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    Found! Missing logs, screenshots, data located!

    Through emailing with Jordi, I realized I should be scraping through my registry to solve my issue of missing logs, etc. I managed to find an entry in:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\ CurrentVersion\\Installer\\UserData\\ S-1-5-18\\Components\\A0F466C0F4982CBEB27AF55227F979C6

    The Data column for this entry was: C:\\ProgramData\\Notorious Games\\Xsyon\\

    Apparently I don't look at my C:\\ directory very often, because boom, there it was, grayed out because it's a hidden folder. So anyone with hidden files and folders will need to enable that setting, or enter the path above into the location bar.

    Anyway, hope that helps!


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    Re:Found! Missing logs, screenshots, data located!

    Weird. I wonder why everyone's installs are so different. All my stuff can be found in c:\\users\\public\\Games as expected.

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    Re:Found! Missing logs, screenshots, data located!

    I suppose I forgot to mention why I started poking around in the registry. When I had reported a bug, Jordi had asked about a previous install, so I figured I should look at registry, since I had an earlier version of the game client.

    So this is probably just mainly for anyone who had the previous game client.

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    Re:Found! Missing logs, screenshots, data located!

    Did you have and did you uninstall old versions of the game launcher, versions prior to May 8th?

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