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    Not sure if this counts as a client crash...

    I got into Xsyon today for the first time and found that the only real issue I had aside from the already known about server boots every 15-30 minutes was the fact that I was constantly having the client lock up forcing me to Alt+Ctrl+Del and end the non-responsive task. I found there to be no pattern it could be while running, swimming, chopping wood, teraforming, crafting, seemed completely random.

    Only other thing is that several times after getting disconnected from server (kicked to log in) when logging back in I would freeze on the loading screen, once again resulting in an Alt+Ctrl+Del to find the program Xsyon.exe to be non-responsive as well as three boxes on my screen desktop that said Error.

    also just for verification I assume that if I crash 478 times in one day you would like all 478 crash logs? or is there a limit to what you want? And would it be easier if I just attached all the logs to one e-mail at the end of each day?

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    Re:Not sure if this counts as a client crash...

    This is an issue I also experience. It's basically the server timing you out, causing you to disconnect. In the process, it locks up the client, and renders it non-responsive.

    [edit] to answer your other question, it would be best to try and record what times you experience the problem. when you hit ctrl+alt+delete and open the task manager, just write down what time it is. this way one could target the crashes to a more specific segment of the logs

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    Re:Not sure if this counts as a client crash...

    I see what your saying in respect to the random in-game lockups but what about the lockup upon login? the ones where it actually brings up boxes that say error?

    And I can do that I was under the assumption that the log files included the day and time of the crash.

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