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    Loading entites


    Ive found other forum post on this topic, but I could not find a fitting solution.

    Im trying to login for the first time, and Im stuck on the "Loading entities" part. Ive waited on this screen for about 30minutes, and no progress. Im saying "fitting solution", as some ppl have reported creating a new character solved this problem. Ive created two new characters, with different starting zones, with the same problem. Can anyone help?

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    Re:Loading entites

    Scratch that. It just logged in. I think it just needs some patience

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    Re:Loading entites

    It shouldnt take 30 minutes to log in - I was getting impatient after about 2 minutes :blush: But I ended up lagging really badly after chopping a tree down and then I froze up So I am out for the night now, see how I go tomorrow :laugh:

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    Re:Loading entites

    Same here. Tried to play a couple of days ago and had to wait 10+ minutes to get into the game. After a little exploring I timed out and couldn't log back (was told I was already in game). Didn't feel like waiting around so gave it up.

    Gave it another go today. My old character was gone, but at least I didn't lose any real progress. Now I've been stuck on "loading entities" for 15+ minutes with nothing happening so far.

    I'm on a brand new computer (Intel i7, ATI 5970) with a 20mbit connection, so I'm pretty sure the problem isn't at my end.

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    Re:Loading entites

    Yea. Dont wait more than a minute or so on the client to load. If it hangs up like that, just force-out/close, and re-try to enter.

    It normally logs your character in within 15 seconds or so, but the server just hiccuped again, so there will be times when you time-out more often.

    And, if the client freezes while your in, give it a minute, and if it's non-responsive, just force it closed. When you try to go back in immediately, it might say your already in, but give it a few minutes to refresh; you'll be able to re-log in.

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