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Thread: Mercenary Tribe

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    Mercenary Tribe

    [sup][i][b]English is not my native language with you most likely will notice. [/b][/i][/sup]

    Mercenary Tribe (Real name to be determent)

    [b]Goal: [/b]The goal of the tribe is to make money. The tribe will take any means needed to gain money. The main source of income will be taking contracts, but will also have a division with will focus on trade and production. The tribe will try to become as self-sufficient as possible.
    [b]Tribe Hierarchy:[/b]
    Tribe leader: The duties of the tribe leader are to make sure his vice leaders do their jobs. The tribe leader can veto the actions of his vice leaders, but they in general can operate independently. The tribe leader will gain a small percentage of every contract. He however is encouraged to assist with big contract, but regardless whatever he assists or not, he will still gain the same % of the contract. The tribe leader will also do some of the tasks the vice leaders do.

    [b]Vice Leaders: [/b]
    All vice leaders are responsible for a department and can get regular members to assist them in their department and their jobs. The Tribe leader can set and limit for the amount of members the department can have.

    [b]Diplomatic Leader:[/b]
    Responsible for staying in touch with the rest of the tribes and try to keep good relations and “fix” relations with other tribes if they go sour. This is a vital task as every tribe could be a potential contractor. A side assignment for the chef is to acquire contract and forward them to the contract chef.

    [b]Contract Leader: [/b]
    Responsible for acquiring and handling of contracts. He is also responsible to make sure every contract is executed well. He will also be the person that negotiates the price of the contact. Small contract he does not need to get approval for, however tribe wide contract will be discussed in a tribe meeting. Where all members will get a change to give their input in the contract and the Leaders will vote on it.

    This department is also split up and will have two sub-departments. Both of these will have the own leaders. The first one is the armed contract department. Who will handle and deal with all contracts with involve fighting and armed conflict, the other one will be the trade contract department, with will be responsible for every contract with are about producing and gathering of items.

    [b]Cell Leaders: [/b]
    Depending on the size of the tribe, members could be split up in cells. With would all have its own leader and members? It will be easier for a smaller group of members to train with each other and become good fighter then and get used to each other than to have different groups all the time. If the contract leader assigns a contract to a cell leader he will be given the money (after everyone gets his share) with he can share between his members as he desires. Cell leader can also try to acquire contract themselves. He would however still need to get approval from the Contract leader. A cell leader can sub-contract a fellow tribe member who is not doing another contract. He will have to inform the contract leader that he did so.
    [b]Contracts: [/b]
    While it is the duty of the contract leader to acquire contracts. All members are allowed to find contract from other tribes/members. He will then forward this contract to the contract leader who can then negotiate a price with the client. The person who forwarded the contract will get a finder’s fee. Regardless of who found the contract, a % of the contract will go to the tribe.
    The contract leaders will try to use the tribe mission system as much as possible. This is especially handy for trade contracts.

    A contract will only state the amount that is going to be paid (50% upfront and 50% afterwards) and what the goal is and if needed a timeframe in with it is to be completed. Someone can also hire a cell or even the tribe for an undefined amount of time. The contractor would pay in regular intervals (The intervals will depend on the reputation of the contractor and whatever the tribe trust him or not) and always upfront. While on such a contract, the tribe will still accept smaller contract, especially trade related contracts. However never from the contractors enemy or against the contractor.

    The tribe will also inform all involved parties that a contract has been placed on them. It will however not include the goal of the contract or the contractor’s name.
    [b]Tribe Laws: [/b]
    Individual members are not allowed to accept personal contract with includes violence. Trade contract would be allowed. Cell Tribe leader can decide whatever to enforce this rules within their tribe.

    If a contractor does not pay the contract after it is done (Late payment can happen) he will be put on Kill on Sight by the tribe. This would off course depend on a case by case basis. A person who is trusted will be given a lot more room.
    Tribes will not take contract against each other.
    [b]Protected Tribes: [/b]
    The tribe might designate certain tribes as protected tribes. This would mean that the tribe will not take contracts on them and will attack anyone who attacks them. This could include cell tribes, with are cells who founded their own tribe. They will be protected by the main tribe as long as they pay a percentage of their contract money. This could however also include partner tribes, with are tribes the tribe needs to sustain itself or who supply the tribe with a steady supply of resources (resource our tribe cannot gain them). However a tribe, beside a cell tribe cannot pay with plain money to become a protected Tribe. This would limit our contract field. We are also not the mafia, so we will not extort money from tribes to become a protected tribe.

    The tribe could also have other reasons to have tribes as protected. As long as it is beneficial for out tribe. This could include helping new tribe getting some feet’s on the ground or an tribe is being bullied by an bigger tribe.
    [b]Other means to gain money:[/b]
    The tribe will not just do contracts to gain money and it will look into other venues to produce money. This could include organizing events, taking important resource for them to use or resell, etc.

    Lets discuss this idea. Personally I would be willing to lead such an tribe. However lets see first who is interested in such an idea and who would join it and see if we can get some good guild lines set before the game starts.

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    Re: Mercenary Tribe

    This actually sounds really awesome :-D It is kinda like the Holy Roman Empire or Roman or Persian Empires where nations were a part of the empire, but they functioned as their own nation as well. A federation if you will...

    I might be interested in joining a tribe like this, if enough members could join/ would join. I already preordered so I will probably end up using the same name.

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    Re: Mercenary Tribe

    I like. But it does look a bit complex and looks like it relies on a large amount of players joining to function properly.

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    Re: Mercenary Tribe

    I agree with Cradlejoe.
    You can't make a Mercenary Tribe and expect people to want you to help them.
    You need to earn your respect, possibly (When the game is release) try and earn your respect by doing little favours within popular tribes.

    Once accomplished, you will earn there moral respect.

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    Re: Mercenary Tribe

    [b]darkrounge wrote:[/b]
    [quote]I agree with Cradlejoe.
    You can't make a Mercenary Tribe and expect people to want you to help them.
    You need to earn your respect, possibly (When the game is release) try and earn your respect by doing little favours within popular tribes.

    Once accomplished, you will earn there moral respect.[/quote]

    I fully agree with this. If the tribe actually works out the tribe should do jobs for low prices for a good portion of pre-lude to gain some "street credit".

    It is not that complex at all and you do not need a lot of people. Offcourse you need to be able to be flexible, especially early on when members amount is low a different structure will be in place. Where in the tribe leader will just take all responsibilities. When he notices that the guild get big and the amount of contract are bigger, then he could see to get other members to assist in certain task, like someone handling contracts.

    In fact to get such an tribe up and running and become trust worthy it would be better to have a small core group of members, who are pretty decent at there job and grow from there. Slowly take in new members and train them.

    For a merc group at the end quality is more valuable then quantity.

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    Re: Mercenary Tribe

    Yeah I agree. A small group of well trained badasses will be worth more than a huge group of noobs who'll cause more lag than they do damage.

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    Re: Mercenary Tribe

    I like your idea Redus. I'm waiting for some play time to determine how the game works. I'm anxious to join a small group of people, instead of a merc group persay, having trained fighters/craftsmen would give us the opportunity to send our goods to other camps for sale.

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    Re:Mercenary Tribe

    Darn.. you took my mercenary guild idea....

    but then again, I could always make another one.


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    Re:Mercenary Tribe

    [b]Meower wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Darn.. you took my mercenary guild idea....

    but then again, I could always make another one.


    competition is good. The question is, how will we deal with it :P

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