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Thread: August 15th now

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    August 15th now

    This is a good thing, they seemed to be far from a proper release.

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    Re: August 15th now

    I respect them for pushing it back, when they feel they don't have a quality enough project to be released at this point. Also for those that have pre-ordered, they said that 2/3 of them have already been let into the game, which gives a good chance for those that have just signed up, to also be trying out the game before it launches....come on next week, let me in and try my hand at being an architect....
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    Re: August 15th now


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    Re:August 15th now

    Ibilisi Mtoto

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    Re:August 15th now

    /scribblez :woohoo:

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    Re:August 15th now

    Like others I am disappointed in the delay but it is something I understand. As a programmer myself nothing is as frustrating as delays due to unexpected problems. You think all is clear sailing but things happen. In the end the greatest trait of a programmer is tenacity.

    Programming a game to work over the internet with a variety of computers is not easy. If it were we would have a lot more games of greater variety. Unlike other games these devs show great communication and are using the proper, step by step, development strategy that will in the end produce a good game. Human achievement in any area is a treasure to be cherished and I will enjoy seeing Xsyon come to fruition.

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    Re:August 15th now

    Full support for this sensible attitude


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    Re:August 15th now

    Well gives me time to try out MO I guess. :laugh:

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    Re:August 15th now

    Sure I want to see this released sooner rather than later but it is very understandable why a delay is necessary. I do appreciate the straight talk from the Devs and fully support the decision.

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    Re:August 15th now

    Everyone wants to see Xsyon released asap so we can all start playing it. But delaying a release because a game is not quite ready is the best thign to do. So many games have been released before they were ready and died a very quick death and no-one wants to see that happen to Xsyon. I'm hoping they will keep delaying it until they are happy that it is ready.

    Besides those of you that have managed to get in the beta wouldn't want to see the game go live still containing bugs that you've spent hours finding for the developers would you?

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