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    Some Combat bugs and observations

    Tried out a little combat with a character named Fight Tester and also Sabina.

    There was a bug with me going unconscious. The first couple times I was in this state, by my perspective, my ghost was on the ground while my body appeared to be standing. When I revived, I was prone on the ground, though could move and jump, remained prone until I logged out and back in.

    The third time, my bodies were in the right position and I revived standing, but to others, I was still prone. I could fight and score hits normaly, but while looking prone to others. When they tried to hit me, they had to aim for my prone position.

    When Sabina and I fought we knocked each other down at the same time. Sabina had the same bug with remaining prone after reviving, Fight Tester didn't have the bug. It may be a female model problem.

    The first time we fought we tried using doding and parrying moves, but they seemed ineffective or we weren't in range. The next battle we tried moving around randomly and had many misses, the fight lasted longer.

    Using weapons, me with an axe and him with a club, we each went down in about three solid blows. The animations looked OK to me, but this was my first time trying combat in Xsyon.

    One more thing, during combat, it seemed I didn't loose any stamina for the combat moves, only for physically moving my character.

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    Re:Some Combat bugs and observations

    I would come play with you again but I am freezing up after only a few minutes of play so I have decided to stop for now - its only afternoon here so I might give it a try again later tonight

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