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    Tree Shadows need tweaking.

    Not sure if this is a bug, or something that needs tweaked, or some memory dump or what but I noticed that the Tree Shading takes a rediculous amount of system resources causing a drastic drop in frames per second. This doesn't happen everywhere in the world, but it is most noticable on the sides of mountains where the tree shadows stretch forever down the mountainsides. Now before someone posts "your comp just isn't good enough for shadows turn them off" lemme point out several things..

    1) This memory loss only happens on Tree shadows, I have every other video setting maxed and run about 120-150 FPS with tree shadows off and drop to 12-20 with them on. This isn't normal.

    3) My computer can run any game currently on the market with max settings with no difficulty, and in some cases even run 2 copies on max.

    3) I have checked to ensure every driver on my system is the most current version available.

    My system is as follows.

    Windows 7
    8 gigs of DDR3 PC1333 Ram
    Radeon 5870
    MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard
    Phenom II Black Edition 3.4 quad core processor

    After encountering this issue I tried overclocking my Ram, Video Card, and Processor and still encountered the same issues. I have a hard time buying this is something on my end. No offense intended but there are games out right now which are much more graphically intense then Xsyon and I can play them max everything with no problems at all at a healthy 60-80 FPS. Tree shadows shouldn't justify a 100+ point fps loss.

    Hopefully you can figure something out with this. I'll try and get in game and find some specific locations where the fps drop becomes unbearable to post them.

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    Re:Tree Shadows need tweaking.

    yup, the shadows are messed up and it is a known problem. Once the server is to a point where Jooky is happy i would imagine this would be the next step to take since they are causing a lot of problems.

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    Re:Tree Shadows need tweaking.

    ah ok I didn't see anything about shadows posted anywhere and no one in game was really able to give me any info so I thought I would post something heh.

    Good to know this is something known, although honestly I think it should go to the bottom of the fix-me pile. would rather see core mechanics and server crashes fixed way before the aesthetic crap and fluff.

    Just trying to use the time in game well to help find flaws.

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    Re:Tree Shadows need tweaking.

    well if the aesthetic crap is causing problems (which i believe it is), it does need to be a bit higher on the list, but yes it is not top priority

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